Complex of Sheikh Mukhtar-Vali (mausoleum)

Photo by Nan.

Complex of Sheikh Mukhtar-Vali (mausoleum) is part of the Tentative list of Uzbekistan in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Complex of Sheikh Mukhtar-Vali (mausoleum) (also included in the serial nomination “Silk Roads Sites in Uzbekistan”) is a complex of a mausoleum, two mosques, a well with holy waters and a cemetery erected in the 16the century above the graves of Sheikh Mukhtar Vali, his wife and relatives. It is situated in the outskirts of Khiva.

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Germany - 16-Nov-22 -

Complex of Sheikh Mukhtar-Vali (mausoleum) (T) by Nan

As a short excursion von Khiva, I visited the Complex of Sheikh Mukhtar-Vali. It's a bit to the East, less than 30min drive, most of it being spent on getting out of Khiva. The mausoleum is situated on a scenic cemetery. It is dedicated to yet another sheikh, the founder of the local town, Ostana.

The mosque is nice and quiet. While I visited a local couple came to pray in the mausoleum.


While it sure is a nice visit, there really isn't anything outstanding about the site that warrants an individual inscription. At most, seeing the proximity to Itchan Qala I could see it as an extension.

Note: This is not part of the Silk Roads serial site nominated in 2023 as the corridor moves South from Bukhara to Turkmenistan.

Getting There

Hub is Xiva/Khiva. See Itchan Qala for my comments on how to get there.

From Khiva just get a driver to take you to the mausoleum and back to Khiva. You can haggle with local cabbies as I did. Or you get a driver for the whole day, add some of the Desert Castles (T) and Khazarasp (T).



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Full Name
Complex of Sheikh Mukhtar-Vali (mausoleum)
Religious structure - Islamic Structure - Burial
1996 Added to Tentative List

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Complex of Sheikh Mukhtar-Vali (mausoleum) (T)


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