The Cultural Heritage of Yeha

Photo by Jarek Pokrzywnicki.

The Cultural Heritage of Yeha is part of the Tentative list of Ethiopia in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Cultural Heritage of Yeha comprises the ruins of the Great Temple and the Palace from the 1st millennium BC. The Temple is the oldest surviving structure in sub-Saharan Africa. It was built in the Sabaean style from South Arabia, which shows the exchange of ideas between both regions at the time. It belonged to a centralized state that was a predecessor to the Axumite Kingdom. The landscape also holds two groups of rockcut tombs from the same era.

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Haileyesus Haftu Gebreweld

Ethiopia - 16-Jan-11 -

It was by accident I happend to visit yeha while carring my routine feild duty in the central part of Tigray. The moment I saw it I felt ashamed for being part of this history but staying so long with out visiting it. offcourse my expectation was to see piles of stones of the first melinnium nothing more. Because that is how I was thought about it in a schol as well as by the local media.Later I found out how deep cultural and historical reppresion has had happend to Tigray,the most ancient part of Ethiopia. But by the time I saw the sharpness of angles of the block of stones, the heavyness as well as the smoothness of the surface of the stone blocks, I was taken by surprise as to how refined cutting smothing with inch priction was done at the remote past.I also felt hw Tigray was reprresed in the past three melina.Nevertheless, I for sure conclude that perhaps Yeha is the birth place of the science of geometry,heavey lifting crane and surfacing marble.Imagine rectangular stones .5*.5* 3.2 metres (about .8 cubic metre in volume and >1tonne in weight lifted as high as 10 metre around 3 thausand years ago and withstanding the ecological changes of the last three melina to stay erect.The water gutter at the flour is also another source of ammusment. For me I am short of words to describe it.The other ting which I conceived from then on,is the depth of deliberate subotage made to not publisize Tigrean historic sites. To make them out of the list of tourists destination. I pressume this was deliberately done so as to sustain poverty and self neglect in the tigray part of ethiopia.

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The Cultural Heritage of Yeha
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