Xinjiang Yardang


Xinjiang Yardang is part of the Tentative list of China in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The most typical Yardangs are particularly concentrated in the basin in Xinjiang, in the arid and extremely arid desert regions in the temperate zone, including thousands groups of orderly arranged bluff cluster shaped Yardang landform, ridge-shaped Yardang landform like a large fleet of ships in a vast sea, castle-shaped Yardang landform with various positions and colors combinations and isolated hill relics Yardang landform with strange positions. The complete process from the surface weathering, embryonic states, full development to disappearance is represented. Furthermore, Xinjiang Yardang includes the four most representative shapes: castles, bluffs, ridges and isolated hill relics. Nomination property is an outstanding example of typical wind-erosion and wind and water complex erosion geomorphic processes in the arid and extremely arid desert regions in the temperate zone

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Xinjiang Yardang
2015 Added to Tentative List

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