Quartier de Peñarol

Photo by Roman Bruehwiler.

Quartier de Peñarol: la Vieille Ville historique et le paysage industriel ferroviaire is part of the Tentative list of Uruguay in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The historic quarter of Peñarol is shaped by the industrial revolution and the steam railway. It was a factory city with houses for the different employees. Also the theatre, general store and an iron footbridge have been preserved.

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Germany - 22-Mar-16 -

Peñarol is mostly known as the national Uruguayan football club, but it takes its name from the historical railway quarter built by the Brits. It was there that the Brits established the national football club.

Peñarol is far from Montevideo city centre and is not frequented by any tourists at all. It consists of a small historical railway station which now operates as a museum. Moreover, you can book a free walking tour of the quarter or visit it on your own. It's very compact and easily manageable by foot. Additional to the station, it includes the manager residence, the more modest workers houses, the machine rooms, a metal bridge over the railway, a store and even a cinema. The complex is very well preserved and is said to be one of its kind in the world. I cannot confirm or deny that, but as a tourist there isn't a great deal to see, especially when compared to the newly inscribed Barrio Anglo in Fray Bentos. None of the buildings except the station can be entered by visitors. There is a foundation of involved citizens looking for funding. They are planning to open the manager residence, the cinema and the machine rooms as museums. All the historical machinery is still in place, which could be something special, but until it happens (if ever) visiting Barrio Peñarol is rather underwhelming.

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Quartier de Peñarol: la Vieille Ville historique et le paysage industriel ferroviaire
Structure - Factories and industry Urban landscape - Latin American
2014 Added to Tentative List

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