Ancient City of Anazarbos

Photo by Can Sarica.

Ancient City of Anazarbos is part of the Tentative list of Turkiye in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Anazarbos was an ancient Roman city, the capital of Cilicia Secunda. Roman emperor Justin I rebuilt the city in 527 after a strong earthquake hit it. The ruins include a fine triumphal arch, the colonnades of two streets, a gymnasium.

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Zoë Sheng

Chinese-Canadian - 05-Feb-22 -

Ancient City of Anazarbos (T) by Zoë Sheng

Unless you come here for "nearby" Karatepe you'll be wasting your time. This one was added a bit hastily, or rather like all of Turkey's T-list: just a collection of interesting sites that were never internally reviewed for OUV, management plans, potential future excavation. This site is relatively new.

Found in a farming village near some mountains, the site stretches far north but all is in ruins, or under farm fields. At the village you can see an amphitheater and a somewhat impressive entrance gate, one that had extensive work done to look this good. There is no entrance fee and the only info you get is that panel at the gate. 

I parked at the gate, the cops drove right on through, but I didn't see anything in the distance that would have been worthy to seek out. Needs a lot of work before it's worth visiting.

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Ancient City of Anazarbos
Archaeological site - Ancient Rome
2014 Added to Tentative List

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Ancient City of Anazarbos (T)


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