Batanes Protected landscapes and seascapes


Batanes Protected landscapes and seascapes is part of the Tentative list of Philippines in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The isolation of Batanes, the northernmost island province of the Philippines, makes its cultural and natural heritage not only distinct from the rest of the Philippines but also safeguarded them from outside influence. The islands proximity to Taiwan made them a jumping point for Austronesian migration and development of pre-Hispanic culture similar to the Ryukyu Islands. The arrival of the Spanish paved way to the evolution of the traditional villages and houses to follow grid pattern, the use of stones for a distinct vernacular architecture, and the development of an evolving farming landscape that is closely linked to the cultural traditions of the islands.

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Jaime Adami Balanay

Philippines - 03-Aug-09 -

Batanes is the place where I always want to be, a place that I always miss...just totally breath-taking...the Ivatans are great and peace-loving, friendly people, always have a smile ready in their pockets...and the mighty stone houses, this is not Batanes without these houses...I love Batanes in a sense that - it makes me energized everytime I am here, its mountain....overlooking the sea - a feeling like you're on the top of the world.

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Batanes Protected landscapes and seascapes
Cultural Landscape - Continuing
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Phased out by WHC and AB

2010 Upstream Process

Pilot Project

2007 Referred

To provide additional information. Also recommends to include all islands of the archipelago.

1993 Added to Tentative List

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