Noréas de Hama


Noréas de Hama is part of the Tentative list of Syria in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Norea of Hama are hydropowered wooden wheels to lift water from the river Orontes into an aqueduct for further distribution. 17 of them remain, dating from the 13th-14th centuries. They were used for irrigation but now mostly serve an aesthetic purpose.

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Michael Novins

United States - 23-Apr-17 -

Noréas de Hama (T) by Michael Novins

In May 2009, the Baron Hotel in Aleppo organized a car and driver to take me and another guest on a day tour to visit Serjilla and Al-Bara, two of the Dead Cities, and Apamea. Since the other guest was continuing to Hama, we visited a few of the remaining 17 original norias (water wheels) before I returned to Aleppo.

The norias move water from a lower to a higher elevation and do not provide mechanical power to any other process, unlike the water wheels at mills.

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Noréas de Hama
Structure - Civic and Public Works
1999 Added to Tentative List

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Noréas de Hama (T)
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