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Spandau Citadel has been part of the Tentative list of Germany.

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Germany - 24-Mar-15 -

A major fort from 1594, Spandau is considered among the best examples of military Renaissance architecture in Europe. The complex is large and quite impressive. It can easily be visited when in Berlin, being a short walk from the centre of Spandau, itself a borough of Berlin. There is not too much to visit currently, since for a very long time the future of the complex remained undecided and most of the buildings were closed to visitors. Now a museum and some spaces for cultural events are planned.

Spandau underwent major modifications during the 19th century in the Neogothic style, so I guess authenticity could be an issue, were Spandau to be promoted to a WHS. On the other hand, many sites suffering from the same romantic restructuring have been successfully been forwarded (Middle Rhine Valley and Wartburg just in Germany).

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Spandau Citadel
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