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Germany - 19-Oct-15 -

During a conference held at one of the colleges in Cambridge I tried to use one of the breaks I had to go through some of the more famous colleges: King's and Trinity. I through a glimpse at several others. Visiting the colleges was quite frustrating for me. For the most interesting ones you have to pay a rather costly entry fee. There are no combined tickets. You can then only wander around a very limited part of the college and enter nothing but the college church. This is the only way to see Cambridge though. The alternative of watching the colleges from the outside is fairly limited and you can normally gain site of the Backs and the college gardens only from within.

Despite this frustrating situation the colleges themselves are often beautiful and very scenic. Their living traditions, despite being extremely conservative, are exotic and appealed to me as a tourist, although I could never imagine myself submerged into that world as a student. The most well known college (architectonically, not academically) is probably King's and it is indeed beautiful. Its college church is one of the most beautiful Gothic churches I have ever seen and I have seen quite a few of them. All the colleges have a monastery like layout and feature nice gardens.

I consider it a great shame Cambridge is no longer contending for WHS. Our WHS community included it on the top of the missing list. I am not sure I would put it there myself, but I strongly believe it would make a great contribution to the list.

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Cambridge Colleges and Backs
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