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Schwetzingen, castle and castle gardens

Schwetzingen, castle and castle gardens has been part of the Tentative list of Germany.


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Hubert Austria 09-Jul-11

Schwetzingen, castle and castle gardens (T) by Hubert Scharnagl

The complete title of the UNESCO application is “Schwetzingen, a Prince Elector's Summer Residence – garden design and Freemasonic allusions”. The garden was designed in the second half of the 18th Century in two parts: a French baroque garden and an English landscape garden. A high number of the original structures and elements are preserved. Beside the main palace, there are several outbuildings, a theatre in rococo style, an orangery, a mosque (photo), small temples, fountains and sculptures. The garden is very nice indeed and is worth a visit. I was there on a sunny day in August 2009 and spent the whole afternoon walking through the garden. However, there are already many similar sites on the WH list. Thus, I think it is unlikely that it will be inscribed in 2012.

Schwetzingen is very close to the WHS Speyer cathedral (20 km), Abbey Lorsch (35 km) and Maulbronn monastery (60 km).

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Site Info

  • Full name: Schwetzingen, castle and castle gardens
  • Country: Germany
  • Withdrawn from tentative list in 2014
  • Link: By Name By ID

Site History

  • 2014 - Withdrawn 
  • 2012 - Deferred 
  • 2012 - Advisory Body overruled Deferral instead of Non Inscription (by ICOMOS)
  • 2009 - Requested by State Party to not be examined  
  • 1999 - Submitted 

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