Centre historique de Saida

Centre historique de Saida is part of the Tentative list of Lebanon in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Els Slots

The Netherlands - 07-Apr-12 -

Centre historique de Saida (T) by Els Slots

Saida or Sidon is an easy city to visit from Beirut. It is one of the many coastal cities in a row, sharing the rich history from Phoenician to Romans to Crusaders to Mamluks and all in between. After Byblos and Tyre, similar sites, chances of Saida getting WH status too are very slim in my opinion.

I stopped in Saida on my way back from Tyre to Beirut. It's about an hour each way by public bus. Saida has a prominent Crusader Sea Castle on a small island off the harbour. The distinguishing part of town though are its islamic remains, notably the still-functioning souks and the caravanserai Khan el Franj. It's a pleasant city to wander around for an hour or so and enjoy a good lunch.

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Centre historique de Saida
2019 Revision

Renomination of Centre Historique de Saida (1996)

2019 Added to Tentative List

1996 Revision

Formerly on T List as Sidon (1984)

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Centre historique de Saida (T)
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