Viscount Edmund Allenby

1861-1936, English General and British Imperial Governor. His main military role was to lead the British "Egyptian Expeditionary Force" (EEF) in the WWI campaign which advanced from Gaza to Aleppo and thus captured Palestine/Syria from the Ottoman Turks.

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Biblical Tells Took the title "Viscount Allenby of Megiddo and Felixstowe" when he was enobled on 7th Oct 1919. The reference to Megiddo commemorated his victory over the Ottoman army at the Battle of Megiddo 19-25 Sept 1918. Despite its title the battle covered a far wider area than that of Megiddo but did actually involve a skirmish on the Tel itself see
Old City of Jerusalem The Ottoman governor of Jerusalem surrendered to Allenby's forces on Dec 9 2017. "In deliberate contrast to the perceived arrogance of the Kaiser's entry into Jerusalem on horseback in 1898, Allenby dismounted and together with his officers, entered the city on foot through the Jaffa Gate out of respect for the status of Jerusalem as the Holy City important to Judaisim, Christianity and Islam" (Wiki)
Westminster Allenby's ashes are buried in the Nave of Westminster Abbey (he died on a fishing trip in Patagonia!)
White City of Tel-Aviv One of Tel Aviv's main thoroughfares - Allenby St is named after him. This street forms the SW boundary of Zone C of the inscription


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