Sima Stones

WHS known for their Sima Stones or Bai Sema, boundary stones demarcating a Buddhist temple

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Angkor Sima stone can be seen in temples of late Angkor period after adopting Buddhism. Notable Sima is in front of the Leper King Terrace, Sima Preah Khan and Prasat Kravan.
Ayutthaya Bai Sema can be found in every temple in Ayutthaya Historical Park.
Bagan Sima stone attached to the stupa that were built in Mon-Pyu style such as Shwegugyi Pagoda, Thabyinnayu Pagoda, Dhammayanggyi Pagoda
Luang Prabang Notable Sima Stones can be found at Wat Xiang Thong.
Si Thep Sima Stone of Khao Klang Nai.
Sukhothai Bai Sema can be found in many temples in Sukhothai Historical Park such as Wat Mahathat.


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