Locations added by Advisory body

Cultural WHS whose inscribed area includes additional locations not originally nominated by the State Party but recommended for inclusion by the AB at the time of the evaluation and accepted by both the State Party and UNESCO. Excluding recommendations which simply required increases to the size of the original core nominated area.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Bardejov Town "The small but important Jewish quarter, around the Great Synagogue, was not included in the original nominated area (although it is within the buffer zone). ICOMOS considered that, because its cultural and historical significance, this quarter should be included in the nominated property. This proposal has been accepted by the State Party." (AB eval)
Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple "The Pulguksa Temple, built in AD 752, lies within the protection zone of the Sokkuram Grotte and is closely linked with it culturally . It is a living monument with great historical, architectural aand artistic value. On the recommendation of ICOMOS the State Party agreed to extend the nomination to include this integral component" (AB eval)
Tipasa "Although ICOMOS supports the nomination .... it offers two suggestions ......that the large royal Mauritanian mausoleum known as Kbor er Roumia (the Tomb of the Christian) which is situated only a short distance from Tipasa be included in the nomination" (AB eval)


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