Introduction of Christianity

WHS which are located at sites closely connected with the introduction of Christianity within the nominating country.

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Birka and Hovgarden The earliest known Christian congregation in Sweden was founded there in 831 by St Ansgar. A german monk (later to be canonized), he had gone there in 829 from Denmark, where he had been sent by the Emperor Louis the Pious to evangelize the Danes. His successful mission is recorded in the Vita Ansaari written shortly after his death in 865 by his successor, Rimbert.
Canterbury "The monuments at Canterbury reflect in tangible form ... the reintroduction of Christianity to southern Britain by St Augustine, commencing at St Martin?s Church where Queen Bertha already worshipped, and leading to the conversion of King Ethelbert." (UNESCO). Augustine " was the prior of a monastery in Rome when Pope Gregory the Great chose him in 595 to lead a mission .. to Britain to convert the pagan King Aethelbert of Kent to Christianity" (Wiki)
Echmiatsin and Zvartnots Armenia declared Christianity as its state religion in 301CE. According to the great 5th century Armenian historian Agatangeghos (Agafangel in Greek), St Gregor Lousavorich (St Gregory the Illuminator), first Patriarch of Armenia, had a vision. Christ came down from Heaven and touched the earth with a golden hammer. In that place, then called Vagharshpat and then the capital of Armenia, a church was built between 301-303 called Echmiatsin, ?the place where the Only Begotten descended".
Jelling The runestone states ?Ring Harald bade this monument be made in memory of Corm his father and Thyra his mother, that Harald who won for himself all Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christians?
Mtskheta Christianity was brought to Mtskheta in the 4th century by St Nino, and became the official state religion in 334. The first wooden church was built in the palace garden, where the Svetitskhoveli church now stands.
Pannonhalma was the first Hungarian Christian monastery (996) and has been influential for the spread of Christianity over Central Europe.
Tauric Chersonese 988AD - baptism of Volodymyr, Prince of the Kyivan Rus as a result of which "Christianity entered the Slavic world". ".. to marry the 27-year-old princess to a pagan Slav seemed impossible. Vladimir was baptized at Chersonesos, however, taking the Christian name of Basil out of compliment to his imperial brother-in-law; the sacrament was followed by his wedding to Anna. Returning to Kiev in triumph, he destroyed pagan monuments and established many churches" (Wiki)
Vilnius The Cathedral . "Lithuania was the last great pagan state in eastern Europe to be converted to Christianity, in 1387 when Grand Duke Jagaila was baptized" (at Wavel Cathedral Cracow as a prerequisite to marrying the King of Poland's daughter and becoming King himself). "The Lithuanian King Mindaugas (had) built the original cathedral in 1251 after his conversion to Christianity. Remains of the archaic quadratic church with three naves and massive buttresses have been discovered beneath the later layers in the late 20th century. After Mindaugas' death in 1263, it again became a place of pagan worship. In 1387, the year in which Lithuania was officially converted , a second ... Cathedral with five chapels was built" (later burnt down and again rebuilt) .


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