Inscribed significantly for a Work of Fine Art by a single artist

WHS whose OUV relates primarily/significantly to one/several "Works of Art" (Defined as a painting/mural/statue etc. Architecture is excluded) by a single known (even if anonymous) artist contained within/located outside a structure or ensemble rather than to the structure/ensemble itself. The "Work" or "Works" need to be mentioned in the title and or description of the site's OUV/Criteria.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Congonhas "Crit (i): The architectural and sculptural complex of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matozinhos represents a singular artistic achievement, a jewel of the human genius, reflecting the apex of Christian art in Latin America, as expressed in the work of Aleijadinho"
Ferapontov Monastery "Crit (i): The wall paintings of Dionisy in the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin at Ferrapontov Monastery are the highest expression of Russian mural art in the 15th-16th centuries"
Hospicio Cabañas Crit i: The murals painted in the chapel by José Clemente Orozco are considered great masterpieces of Mexican art.
Naumburg Cathedral "Crit (i): The episcopal church of Naumburg is unique among the medieval cathedrals due to the west choir conceptualized and designed by a brilliant sculptor – the “Naumburg Master” – and his workshop."
Padua’s fourteenth-century fresco cycles Giotto
Poblet Monastery "The abbey contains masterpieces from every period such as the great alabaster altarpiece by Damià Forment (1529)." (OUV)
Santa Maria delle Grazie "Crit (i): The Last Supper is a timeless and unique artistic achievement of Outstanding Universal Value."
Spissky Hrad and Levoca the works of Master Paul in Spiš


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A connection should:

  1. Not be "self evident"
  2. Link at least 3 different sites
  3. Not duplicate or merely subdivide the "Category" assignment already identified on this site.
  4. Add some knowledge or insight (whether significant or trivial!) about WHS for the users of this site
  5. Be explained, with reference to a source