Inscribed element(s) removed

WHS which have had elements of the original (or subsequently extended) inscribed area removed.
The removed area should be significant in terms of the case made when it was included - not just a minor "boundary adjustment".
The removal may or may not be officially documented as a "removal" but should be traceable via changed descriptions/maps etc across the period of Inscription.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Białowieża Forest Was originally inscribed in 1979 consisting of 3 elements in Poland. These consisted of i. a strict reserve of "Old Growth" forest within the larger Bialowiez National Park (BNP), ii. the "Palace Park" iii. A "Bison Breeding area" which consists of 2 separate elements which seem to consist of a Breeding area and a "Show Reserve" for the public An expert visit in 2004 wanted ii and iii removed as they did not contribute to OUV, but Poland argued that only the Palace Park should be removed when it nominated the large extension to the inscribed area in 2014. The maps in the extension Nomination file show indeed that the Palace Park (but not the Bison Breeding areas) has been removed
Gelati Monastery Was originally inscribed in 1994 as "Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery". Reconstruction of Bagrati led to its removal in 2017 as a "Major Boundary Modification" together with a justification of Gelati on its own.
Makli, Thatta Was inscribed in 1981 as "Historic Monuments of Thatta" and the AB description clearly mentions "the mosque of Dabgir, and that of Shah Jahan (1644-1647)" whilst also differentiating "the archaeological site of Thatta and the necropolis of Makli". There has been no "official" redesignation of the site but it is clear from "Mission reports" that the elements outside Makli Necropolis are NOT now part of the inscribed site as recognised by the name change in 2009. The Shah Jahan mosque was also added to Pakistan's T List in 1993 as a separate item.


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A connection should:

  1. Not be "self evident"
  2. Link at least 3 different sites
  3. Not duplicate or merely subdivide the "Category" assignment already identified on this site.
  4. Add some knowledge or insight (whether significant or trivial!) about WHS for the users of this site
  5. Be explained, with reference to a source