Hospitaler Bethlehemites

Order founded by Brother Peter of Saint Joseph Betancur - March 21, 1626 (Tenerife) - April 25, 1667 (Antigua Guatemala). Became a Fransican Tertiary in Guatemala and opened a hospital for the poor followed by shelter for the homeless, schools etc. The activity grew and eventually developed into a new religious order "La Orden de los Bethlemitas y las Bethlemitas" which was recognised and approved by the Holy See. The activities spread atound Latin America. "The Bethlehemites, because of making only simple vows, remained under diocesan jurisdiction from which they wished, however, to be freed so that their congregation might be converted into a regular religious order bound by solemn vows. The Spanish court did not approve this plan and at first the Holy See was not favourable to it, but due chiefly to the influence of Cardinal Mellini, former nuncio at Madrid, Roderick of the Cross at length overcame all difficulties and in the Papal Bull of 26 March 1687, Innocent IX authorized (the order) to make the three solemn vows according to the rule of st Augustine and to have a superior general, and granted them all the privileges of the Augustinian friars and convents." (Wiki) The order was suppressed in 1820 but was re-established by Pope John Paul II in 1984. "Hermano Pedro" was beatified in 1980 and canonised in 2002.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Antigua Guatemala San Francisco Church - Tomb of Brother Peter of Saint Joseph Betancur founder of what became the Bethlehemite Order (1626-1667)
Mexico City and Xochimilco Former Hospital of the Bethlehemites (now the Museum Interectivo de Economia) 1768
Old Havana Our Lady of Belen Convent and Church. Begun 1712
Quito San Juan de Dios Hospital (now City Museum) - In 1706 the administration of the hospital passed to the Bethlehem Brothers, who continued the research of the Dominicans (wikivisually)


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