Holy Door

A Holy Door (Latin: Porta Sancta) is traditionally an entrance portal located within the Papal major basilicas in Rome. The doors are normally sealed by mortar and cement from the inside so that they cannot be opened. They are ceremoniously opened during Jubilee years designated by the Pope, for pilgrims who enter through those doors may piously gain the plenary indulgences attached with the Jubilee year celebrations. (Wikipedia) This connection only encompasses Holy Doors designated in perpetuity by the Holy See.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Québec Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec: "In 2014 the cathedral celebrated its 350th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, a holy door was constructed—the second outside Europe and only the eighth in the world."
Rome There are Holy Doors in the Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran, Santa Maria Maggiore and the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls.
Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela Cathedral: "The façade of the cathedral that overlooks the Quintana Square has two gates: the Porta Real (royal gate) and the Porta Santa (holy gate). (...) The so-called Holy Door (Porta Santa) or Door of Forgiveness (Porta do Perdón) is the closest to the steps. It is usually closed with a fence and opened only in Jubilee Years (years when St James's Day, 25 July, falls on a Sunday)."
Vatican City St. Peter's Basilica: "One of the decorated bronze doors leading from the narthex is the Holy Door, only opened during jubilees."


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