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Habsburgs (Austrian)

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Connected Sites

  • Budapest: Budapest Castle, residence of the Hungarian Habsburg branch
  • Cracow: under Austrian rule Wawel served as barracks and a military hospital
  • Graz: Grazer Burg, built by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III
  • Hallstatt-Dachstein: Rudolfsturm, Hellerhaus Link
  • L'viv: Theatre of Opera and Ballet among others
  • Mostar: All administrative buildings were built by the Austrians after 1878 in the Neoclassical style
  • Old City of Jerusalem: Austrian Hospice, built as a pilgrim house and visited in 1869 by Emperor Franz Joseph I
  • Prague: Prague Castle rebuilt by Maria Theresa
  • Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans: Built while under Habsburg rule
  • Schönbrunn: Imperial Summer Residence, starting with the era of Maria Theresa of Austria
  • Semmering Railway: Constructed under the Habsburg rule
  • Vienna: Hofburg Palace (housed the Habsburg family)


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