Founded after Animal Miracle

WHS founded after animals performed some kind of action considered as a miracle.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Butrint Legend tells us about an ox that was meant to be sacrificed but escaped, struggled wounded ashore and died on the beach. Of course this was taken as a good sign and so Butrint was founded. It connects nicely with the namecalling too because originally the place was known as Buthrotum meaning "wounded ox".
Maulbronn Monastery A few monks were accompanied by a mule. In their search for a new place to build their abbey the mule stopped and refused to walk any further because it wanted to drink of a spring it had found. The monks interpreted it as a sign of God and so their search was ended and the monastery built. They named it after this event and the place Maulbronn was born
Mexico City and Xochimilco Tenochtitlan: founded where an eagle with a rattlesnake was seen
Yuso and Suso Monasteries Apparently when the monks had laid the remains of the holy man San Milan on a cart, the oxes who were pulling the thing refused to do their work on a certain point and could not be made to continue. It was seen as a sign and so this point was chosen as the spot where the new monastery was to be built.


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