Forbidden City

WHS-cities that have been closed to outsiders / visitors for a certain period in history.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ambohimanga Ambohimanga was henceforth considered one of the sacred royal hills of Imerina (the Merina kingdom) and was known as a "forbidden city" until 1897.
Harar Jugol "Harar was a fiercely religious city and was a forbidden city (closed to visitors), until 1887"
Hué "Inside the citadel was a forbidden city where only the concubines, emperors, and those close enough to them were granted access, the punishment for trespassing being death." (wiki)
Imperial Palace "Forbidden" (in Beijing's Forbidden City or Imperial Palace), referred to the fact that no-one could enter or leave the palace without the emperor's permission.
Potala Palace Lhasa is known as the Forbidden City for its former inaccessibility and hostility to strangers
Thang Long It included a Forbidden City, where the king and his royal family lived
Timbuktu Closed to non-islamic visitors for centuries


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