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Aquileia Destroyed completely by him in 452 AD.
Istanbul In 408 Emperor Theodocius II started constructing the walls which today bear his name. In 443 Attila and his brother Bleda "encountered and destroyed the Roman force outside Constantinople and were only halted by their lack of siege equipment capable of breaching the city's massive walls." (Wiki)
Vatican City A fresco of "The meeting of Leo the Great and Attila" by Raphael 1514 is situated in the Stanze di Raffaello. It portrays the meeting which took place, it is thought, on the banks of the Mincio near Mantua in 452AD where, after devastating much of N Italy, Attila met an embassy including Pope Leo I in person. After the meeting Attila turned back to the Danube for reasons not entirely clear. That winter Attila died and the divine intervention of SS Peter + Paul was assigned to the meeting thus significantly bolstering the Papacy in general and Leo "the Great" in particular. The fresco actually portrays the face of Leo X, Pope at the time of Raphael!
Venice and its Lagoon In 452 AD Attila attacked and destroyed the city of Altinum. It is said that refugees settled on islands further into the lagoon (particularly Torcello and Burano) "forming settlements that eventually became known as Venice". The site of Altinum appears also to be just inside the inscribed boundaries of Veince NE of Marco Polo airport. See the UNESCO site for the boundaries and here for Altinum:


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