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Colombia has proposed Salamina to be study for the Unsco as a new site, but they changed and now it is part of a coffee cultural landscape which is great, but the town of Salamina is not going to be a site itself, which is very sad, because it is great, unique and represent the best of a proces in which the country was looking for differents samples (France, England etc). It is a town on the top of the Andes, green and fertil. It is a town product of a colonization proces. It has been made for people of south Antioquia, looking for oportunities, so it was not a country's effort because people themselves had made and they buit cities as the only way they had know, with the spaniard grid. The grid was made to be in a flat enviroment, and what they found was the most step Andes. As a result, the neurotic grid become something else. Whit the new industry of the coffee, people had brought from France the "art Noveau" influence, and with the old spaniard construction sistem, the city has became a laboratory of architecture.....It is one of the most beautifull towns ever seen, at the levels of Orvieto, in Italy.

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Oaxaca and Monte Alban

Jorge Ivan Giraldo United States - 20-Apr-08

Oaxaca mermerize me because of its great churches. The catedral, with the tipical sismic key, the square facade and its baroche ornamentation. The Santo Domingo church is an amazing building because of its size and exquisite decoration. It does not have a great "chapel of the holly rosary" as many Dominican's churches. and of course the culture made the town a great experience. What surprise me, was how close is from Monte Alban, wich is another Unesco site.

The Valley of Oaxaca is full of fantastic sites. The open roof church and convent (Dominicans) and Mitla, another Zapotecas site, plus the cementeries made the area an Unesco destination.

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Jorge Ivan Giraldo United States - 27-Mar-06

Queretaro, beautifull city. When you talk about Queretaro, you are talking about one style. The baroche of Queretaro is different from others...maybe more exquisite, tasteful and deeper. Queretaro had been a baroche laboratory. Santa Rosa de Viterbo Churche is a great sample of that. One of the nicer buldings in Latin America is the San Agustin convent, today a museum. Divine......exquisite, refined.....

The waterduct with the colection of urban funtains give the city an especial atmosphere.

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Jorge Ivan Giraldo United States -

Puebla, a baroche town. But the baroche has a different meaning overthere, because it is not anymore an academic style, it is a laboratory of the style, ussing arabs, aztecs and catholics influences. The new convention center, designed by legorreta, it is a great sample of respect for the city, history, tradition. It is a panoramic balcony (360') to the town. the main view is the San Francisco church.

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