Agglomération Aného Glidji

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Agglomération Aného Glidji is part of the Tentative list of Togo in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Agglomération Aného-Glidji is and old town built in the 17th century by member of the Guin tribe coming at that time from nowadays Ghana. It developed as a trading post, including salve trade. The German colonist built here their administrative capital until it moved to Lomé in 1897. Nearby is the Glidji living sanctuary and sacred woods. All three aspects (old town, colonial capital and sacred wood) are included in the project.

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Netherlands - 10-May-23 -

Agglomération Aného Glidji  (T) by Christravelblog

Aného-glidji was added to the tentative UNESCO list of Togo back in 2021 so, why not make a visit. Even if it wasn’t added it’s a nice day trip from Lomé along the coast towards Benin. The area is most famous for the remains of German colonial time as they had their capital there until it moved to Lomé. The buildings do need a lot of renovations, but it was interesting to see this European colonial architecture there. After checking out most of the structures I picked up a local guide to visit a Voodoo sanctuary. I did a Voodoo ceremony which as interesting to experience. This was all unplanned as you cannot just go to these sanctuaries as a foreigner. I was lucky with a local. The sacred forest however was off limits and I could only see the entrance.

WHS material? For me not. It's a bunch of colonial buildings which aren't really concentrated (anymore). All is falling apart. The Voodoo I don't know. I would need to do more research on that. But all together as an aglomeration: no. I didn't see any UOV.

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Agglomération Aného Glidji
Urban landscape - African
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