Cross River-Korup-Takamanda


Cross River-Korup-Takamanda (CRIKOT) is part of the Tentative list of Cameroon in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

CRIKOT is a transboundary site that covers areas between the Cross River in eastern Nigeria and the Sanaga River in western Cameroon. In Cameroon, the site incorporates 5 components: Korup National Park, Ejagham Council Forest Reserve, Takamanda National Park, Mone River Forest Reserve and Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary. The site comprises various lowland ecosystems, including some of the highest-stature and most species-rich tropical rain forests on Earth, as well as savannah habitat and montane forest at higher altitudes. The region is home to at least 3,500 plant species, or around half of all plants that occur only in Tropical West Africa, a richer butterfly fauna than anywhere else in Africa, several hundred reptile and amphibian species, and the highest density of forest-restricted bird and mammal species in Africa; many of these species are endemic or near-endemic to the region. It is a stronghold for regionally endemic non-human primates.

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Full Name
Cross River-Korup-Takamanda (CRIKOT)
Wildlife habitat - Fauna Wildlife habitat - Flora
2020 Revision

Includes former TWHS Parc national de Korup and Takamanda National Park (2018)

2020 Added to Tentative List

The site has 4 locations

Cross River-Korup-Takamanda (CRIKOT): Korup National Park (T)
Cross River-Korup-Takamanda (CRIKOT): Ejagham Council Forest Reserve (T)
Cross River-Korup-Takamanda (CRIKOT): Takamanda National Park (T)
Cross River-Korup-Takamanda (CRIKOT): Mone River Forest Reserve (T)


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