Archaeological complex of Marcahuamachuco


Archaeological complex of Marcahuamachuco is part of the Tentative list of Peru in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Marcahuamachuco is an archaeological site in northern Peru which is the best example of a local culture called Huamachuco. This sanctuary, built between 400 and 1200, was a place of devotion and worship for the local communities who had to mobilize to build this monumental religious site. This massive stone construction and the planning of the site illustrate the beliefs of the communities and reflect their mastery of land use concepts and their great commitment to the practice of their religion.

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Wojciech Fedoruk

Poland - 05-Sep-22 -

Archaeological complex of Marcahuamachuco (T) by Wojciech Fedoruk

Marcahuamachuco is a ruin of a pre-Inca city, founded around 400 AD. and inhabited for about 1,000 years thereafter, until the Inca conquest. The complex was one of the most important centers of power in northern Peru.
The place is located on the top of a mountain, well over 3000 meters above sea level, so climbing the ruins requires a lot of effort. Quite a lot has been preserved from the ruins, although it cannot be compared to the wonderful Peruvian monuments from the area of ​​Cusco. Admission is free, but the entrance is guarded by a security guard who registers tourists.
Marcahuamachuco is definitely off the beaten track in Peru, although it is on the way from Trujillo to Pataz - the gateway to Rio Abiseo National Park. It is located right next to Huamachuco - a large city with a decent hotel base. There is a nice asphalt road from Trujillo to Huamachuco, there are only dirt roads further east. The road from the city to the ruins takes about 30 minutes and you can enjoy a nice panorama of Huamachuco at the top.
The site appears to be significant in Peruvian history, but will he manage to get the inscription? There seem to be many other places in Peru that are more deserving the WHS status than Marcahuamachuco. In any case, the place was fun to explore and worth the two hours of detour.

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Archaeological complex of Marcahuamachuco
Archaeological site - Pre-Columbian
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Archaeological complex of Marcahuamachuco (T)


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