Oke Idanre (Idanre Hill)


Oke Idanre (Idanre Hill) is part of the Tentative list of Nigeria in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Oke Idanre comprises a sacred hill. It has remains of a palace, shrines and burial mounds. Two yearly festivals are celebrated on top of the hill.

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Akinlosotu Jumoke

Nigeria - 19-Oct-14 -

The Idanre hill is a place i can never forget. it was fun climbing the steps of the stairs of the hill with my friends. The most amazing and unbelieving part of it is one of the gigantic rocks with the unreadable inscription. Honestly,Idanre hill is a very spectacular place one will love to visit again.

Ann Forgan

England - 24-Jan-14 -

Idanre Hill is a truly amazing place to visit. I still have happy memories of visits there in the 1970s. We used to take the girls from Fiwasaye School there once a year. Those who went on the trip always enjoyed it. I am pleased to read that others continue to marvel at the sight of these great rocks.

Martin K. Conrads

Germany - 28-Jan-13 -

Was there yesterday and enjoyed most of the wonders on one day: Wonderful, marvelous, stunning, elating fragile and VERY STRONG, makes you humble and free. Must go again soon and longer. Wish that WHS protection and support will soon be granted.Incredible BLACK stone hills and (un)readable letters. Many fantastic "stonwe-faces"

Fair prices,take water and good shoes -of cause- with you.


NIGERIA - 09-Oct-12 -

Idanre hills.... What a wonderful work of nature! Though getting to its top is so strenous., but its memories is what you'ld love to live with for the rest of your life..... Really wish there could be a lift to take one up cos its gona give so many people the courage to go there.... Would love to have a revisit if I have the opportunity to.., cos it's really a place worth sighting.!!!

Adio Oluwatosin Modupe

Nigeria - 27-Jul-12 -

Idanre hill is one of the great wonder of nature, educative attractive, energy exusting but intresting to be there. Cites on the hill are wonderful, to talk of the apaara and arun river, the unreadable letteres, owa's palace the old courth to mention few. Idanre hill is just tip of the wonders of nature, likewise the erinjesa water fall, and the ikogosi shrine. Wow, its intresting and educative to go for tourism. Adio Oluwatosin Modupe ATM

fisayomi Akomolafe

Nigeria - 14-Mar-12 -

my experience at idanre hill is one i will not forget for a long period of time. since it happened to be a school excursion i had on other option than 2 climb to the top. it took me a long time to climb. and when i came back down my legs were shaking. but i will love to go when i have another chance to do so. although stressful but i loved everything i saw.

Idowu Akinrinlola

Nigeria - 23-Nov-11 -

Idanre Hill is a historical hill in Nigeria. When you are approaching the hill you will see some stones petch as if it will fall off the mail hill but from history it has been like that for years. Anytime i go to the city i imagine the wonders God has done and it marvels me a lot.

I was born in Idanre though i did not attend any of my education in there but i am always excited going home for holidays and my main interest when travelling is to visit Idanre Hill. It is one of the exciting tourist center in Nigeria

Dr Oyinlola O.

Nigeria - 16-Jun-11 -

Wonder when when we will wake up to our responsibilities in this nation, I can't imagine wonderful sites as this hill and other close sites as Erinjesha fall & Ikogosi warm spring given very little attention when it could be turned into a gold mine for the country and boost her economy and image before others. May God help us to recognize opportunities & utilize them appropriately.

kayode mayokun samson

nigeria - 15-May-11 -

oke idanre is a fantastic,,tourist center which is very ok to catch funs,,there are wonders of God there,is a place where you discover that GOD is wonderful ,,i am from idanre am very sure of what am saying,,but what we need there is that our government should invite,investors from abroad to come to help the development of this wonderful center,,,which wil help the country,,and its citizens,,, am very proud to come from this acient city,,,

Babafemi Akintade

Lagos, Nigeria - 15-May-11 -

It was a fascinating experience on the hill-top. Sometimes you wonder how life was at the hill-top about 80 decades ago before the settlers descended to the present Odode-Idanre. It's usually an experience I won't forget in a hurry each time I visit. I wish there's a functioning hotel at the hill-top though. Would that be a bad idea? I don't think so.

The Idanre Hills undoubtedly deserves to be listed as a world heritage site.


Nigeria - 16-Jan-11 -

It is true that Nigeria's attraction is the best secret kept. A field trip to idanre hill was quite interesting and at the same time unbelieving that such a place exist in this part of the world. This shows how tourism sector has been neglected and how resources has been wasted. A visit wil make you understand what i mean....


National Open University of Nigeria Student.

Dr Patrick Darling

UK - 16-Dec-10 -

Idanre hill is a fascinating place and relatively easy to access. Its deserted hilltop site once contained wonderful wooden statue posts, photographs of which were submitted to Nigeria's National Commission of Museums and Monuments in the early 1990's, before that regime's role in dealing with the nation's antiquities was fully appreciated. Within a few months, the statues had gone. Idanre Hill is a splendid walk amidst beautiful hills but, although included in the sites considered, it was not included in the original Tentative List because it was not universally unique.

Nzeh Chidi

Nigeria - 16-Dec-10 -

My Name is Chidi Nzeh, a tourism student of National Open University of Nigeria, Akoka lagos study centre. I visited idanre hills and was full of myself and my country Nigeria.though i was in a sober mood, reflecting how our world class natural endoement are being wasted. no wonder the tourism professionals said that " Tourism in Nigeria is still at it's infancy stage" We went on a field trip, students were excited seing the miracie of nature and the exhibition of God's power of creativity, but to me i was wondering why the destination were uncared for. You may not get what i am talking about. the hills may excite you but the environ matters a lot. God has done his by blessing us with the hills he can not come to beauty the environ. Federal govt., State and local please take note.

omakinwa smart

nigeria - 16-Oct-10 -

idanre hill is a wonder that would take away ones breath.

am an indigene of idanre ,and i must confess its a place one need to be.

theres so much wonders on the hill, except one goes with a tourist guard that would take one to great sites i.e

unreadable writing on the hill , noah's like ark ,olofin chain that goes straight in the sky,where hot and cold water meets,first ancient palace, agbogun foot print etc.

how proud am i 2 be reckon with such a great place.

Dada-Peters Folasade

Nigeria - 05-Sep-10 -

Idanre hills is a natural wonder.A place for relaxation,recreation and scientific studies.Although I was born in Lagos,as a native of Idanre,I feel proud to belong to a community that stands out in the whole universe.

Dada-Peters Folasade

Engr. Jelili Feyi ALLI

Nigeria - 20-May-10 -

Idanre hill is fantactic in all ramifications. The rocky nature and mountainous terrian make the hill unique. It is a place for fun seekers and who seek to appreciate but,cannot stop wondering the wonders of nature...

Its indeed a place to be for a lifetime experience.

Akinola Dolapo

Nigeria - 13-Apr-10 -

Idanre hills is just as the name implies is a wonder of God in that area. I've been to other hills but that place is spectacular. What makes it spectacular you may ask, the terrain on the rocks, the climate up there and even the scenery plus the vegetation.

I went there with my class mates and we look forward to going back there because it was an enjoyableexperience.

It was stressful but the fun part over shadowed the stress that it was when we retired to our hotel that we felt the stress we just put ourselves through.

I encourage people to visit that place as it is a place for both accademics and fun loving people.

Dr. Charles O. Akinde

Nigeria - 02-Jun-08 -

Since I am a participant at all levels of Idanre Hills development, I think it is a wonderful thing that would happen to Nigeria in recent years if this is included in the World Heritage List.

As a natural and cultural landscape, Idanre Hills stands out well among all other places that have been so listed.

The ancient Idanre Hills had been a home for the Idanre Community for almost a millenium. The site was described in 1894 by the then colonial Governor that for my part, I'd far rather spend a couple of week among these delightful hills than at the Canary Islands.

Apart from its touristit value, the flora and fauna of the place had been under scientific study for several decades. The topography of the place will be of great value to mankind.

I hope the site will be accepted for enlistment.

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Oke Idanre (Idanre Hill)
Religious structure - Indigenous Urban landscape - African
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2007 Added to Tentative List

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