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Tecoaque is part of the Tentative list of Mexico in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Community Reviews

William R. Waitkus, U.S.A. 29-Oct-12


I have attempted to visit this site several times only to be told that it was closed to the public and would "reopen" at a later date. This last attempt was on 27 October 12. I took a bus from Mexico City and had the driver drop me off in San Felipe Sultepec and walked to Tecoaque. I did get there early enough (before the caretakers) and did get to walk around a little as there is no fence surrounding the site OR signage indicating that it is indeed closed to the public until I was "escorted" off the property by an INAH employee. Even INAH's website indicates that "TECOAQUE" is open daily, with no admission fee.

The Texcoco-Calpulalpan road is currently being widened so that the east bound lanes are literally right next Tecoaque and will most likely ruin this site forever. The noise from the traffic is already deafening and the pollution will be a major factor.

Another problem is that there are new highway signs all over the area directing you to Tecoaque, but NOT indicating that it is closed and looks to remain that way for a long time. I visited the site "Los Cerritos" just out outside of Culpulalpan on the 24 of October and the manager (who also works for INAH) told me in fact that Tecoaque was open, yet I was turned away by another INAH employee at Tecoaque just a few days later...sorry to report such disheartening news.

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