Jacagua, Villa of Santiago

Photo by Roman Bruehwiler.

Jacagua, Villa of Santiago is part of the Tentative list of Dominican Republic in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The site of Jacagua (also known as Santiago Viejo) is centered around the remains of an old church. It is located on the banks of the Jacagua River, where a settlement was built in 1506. The overgrown ruins are now on private property.

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The coordinates shown for all tentative sites were produced as a community effort. They are not official and may change on inscription.

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Anyone planning a visit to this site should be aware that the coordinates given on the map above are known to be "inexact". 

They are based solely on 2 general descriptions of how to reach the site provided in e-mails by a resident of Santiago de los Caballeros. As it proved impossible to determine exact coordinates from this description, a location 500 metres north of Tres Cruces where the road crosses the Rio Jacagua was chosen. This is situated in the neighbourhood of the site but with the exact distance and direction from there unknown.

Anyone trying to visit the site should also be aware that it is situated on private land and entry is only possible via the owner and an entry/guiding payment. Contact should be made with Pepe or Emmanual Benoit  Tel 809-676-6781. It is understood that the owner prefers prior contact. It is also understood that the ruins are in bad condition and overgrown such that ICOMOS in the Dominican Republic has placed them on its National "In danger" list. See here for a video of a visit.

The "detailed" descriptions provided on how to reach the site from Tres Cruces were

a. (from central Santiago de los Caballeros) "hacia el norte. Se pasarán Obras Públicas, el liceo Mélida Giralt y Las Tres Cruces de Jacagua. Se sigue recto por un buen trecho hasta encontrar un cruce con una bifurcación a mano derecha. Se seguirá derecho y al doblar una curva se estará frente a la propiedad de los Benoit."
("Go northward past the Public Works Dept, the Mélida Giralt High School and Las Tres Cruces de Jacagua. Continue straight for a long distance until you find a junction with a fork on the right hand side. You will continue straight and when you bend a curve you will face the Benoit property.")
b. "después de pasar Las Tres Cruces de Jacagua, cruce que verá a mano derecha, tiene que seguir por la carretera por la que va, sin desviarse. El próximo cruce que verá será a la derecha (en este punto se ve claramente a la derecha el pico Diego de Ocampo), pero también deberá seguir recto. Un poco más adelante habrá una curva, que corre junto a la propiedad de los Benoit y ya verá la puerta de entrada."
("after passing Las Tres Cruces de Jacagua, a crossroads that you will see on your right hand side, you have to continue along the road you are going through, without turning off. The next crossing you will see will be on the right (at this point you can clearly see the Diego de Ocampo peak on the right), but you must also continue straight. A little further on there will be a curve, which runs next to the Benoit property and you will see the entrance door"


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Full Name
Jacagua, Villa of Santiago
Dominican Republic
Archaeological site - Caribbean
2001 Added to Tentative List

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