Historic Town of Alamos

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Historic Town of Alamos is part of the Tentative list of Mexico in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Alamos is a 17th century silver mining town. It has a harmonious arhitecture and an urban plan adapted to the topography. It is characterised by arcades, two plazas and a unique colonial vernacular architecture.

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Don Irwin

USA - 13-Feb-19 -

I love traveling in Mexico so I admit that I am not impartial.  We went to Alamos as part of a tour to Copper Canyon.  Along the way we spent the night there.  It's a small town but very picturesque.  Many celebrities have moved to Alamos because of its solitude and pleasant surroundings.  It does take a while to get there.  We had 2 tour guides, one in the evening and one the following morning.  There are many many ghost stories in Alamos.  So many that a book has been written about them but I've never been able to find a copy.  An American in the 40s began to restore the buildings.  Since then many wealthy people have moved in.  Still, it has not lost its charm.  There are no tourists.  There are no crowds.  The food is wonderful and there are some very interesting hotels.  And, as usual, the people are friendly and polite.


I also loved Copper Canyon.  Our tour leader had lived there for several years and took us to individual dwellings and explained the culture of the indigenous people.  But that's for another review.

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Historic Town of Alamos
Urban landscape - Colonial
2001 Added to Tentative List

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