Mole National Park


Mole National Park is part of the Tentative list of Ghana in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Mole National Park in the north of the country is Ghana's first and largest national park. The park represents a widely undisturbed ecosystem dominated by open savannah woodland and gallery forest along the rivers. The park has rich flora and fauna. Species of special interest include elephant, buffalo, and various antelope species.

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Michael Novins

United States - 08-Jan-20 -

Mole National Park (T) by Michael Novins

I visited northern Ghana in November 2019. I flew from Accra to Tamale in northern Ghana, about two hours by road from Mole National Park, the country’s largest protected area. Although the national park doesn’t have many animals, it is one of the best places in West Africa to see elephants and is one of few parks that allows visitors to approach the world’s largest land animal on foot. I was able to walk within ten meters of a large, broken-tusked, indifferent male, who was destroying small trees about fifty meters from Zaina Lodge, where I spent a few days.

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Full Name
Mole National Park
Natural landscape - Grassland and tundra
2017 Requested by State Party to not be examined

After Not to Inscribe advice of IUCN

2016 Incomplete - not examined

2000 Added to Tentative List

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Mole National Park (T)
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