Monastery of Eberbach

Monastery of Eberbach has been part of the Tentative list of Germany.

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Germany - 05-Mar-15 -

Eberbach stands quite near to the WHS Middle Rhine Valley in a touristy area called the Rheingau. It could have easily entered the list as a part of that nomination if the boundaries had not been set to start at R´┐Żdesheim, but a little more to the east, which would have included lovely Eltville as well. Eberbach is a well preserved Cistercian monastery, later inhabited by the Augustinians and the Benedictines. Its architecture is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic. As the entire area its economy heavily relied on vine growing. It became famous most of all thanks to being the filming location of the Classic film "The Name of the Rose". It is very nice to visit, but has no chance whatsoever of becoming a WHS on its own right. Its category is well over-represented and other, architectonically superior examples are abundant.

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Monastery of Eberbach
1996 Removed from Tentative List

1984 Added to Tentative List

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