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Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall

Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall has been part of the Tentative list of Germany.


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Assif Germany/Israel 24-Mar-15

I was not aware that this modern monument opened in 1963 was ever under consideration for WHS. Being an icon of concert buildings, certainly among the best in its category, and a model for many similar buildings including the WHS Sydney Opera House I think it is a shame this TWHS was not forwarded.

The Berlin Philharmonie is the seat of the world-famous Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra. It stands in the centre of Berlin next to Potsdamer Platz and as a part of the Kultur Forum complex. It includes the major building for orchestral concerts as well as a smaller building for chamber music concerts. Its acoustics is considered among the best in the world and is attributed to the revolutionary positioning of the orchestra in the middle of the hall with the audience seated higher, surrounding it. Its ceiling made of differently shaped concrete blocks put together unevenly, later imitated in Sydney, also contributes to its acoustic quality. From the outside both buildings are covered in golden slates, reminiscent of Art Nouveau. It is possible to visit the building either in a guided tour once a day or by just going to one of the excellent concerts playing there.

The Berlin Philharmonie is an icon of modern architecture and would be an interesting, worthwhile addition to the list. It would also fill a gap relating to both modern architecture and music related buildings (currently only Sydney and Bayreuth, which are both opera theatres).

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  • Full name: Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall
  • Country: Germany
  • Withdrawn from tentative list in 1996
  • Link: By Name By ID

Site History

  • 1996 - Withdrawn 
  • 1993 - Submitted 

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