Banten Ancient City

Banten Ancient City has been part of the Tentative list of Indonesia.

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Tubagus Rifki Luthfi

Indonesia - 10-May-11 -

As its name implies Banten Ancient City is now only a remnants of stones used to be a palace for the Sultanate of Banten. The sites seem to be neglected and abandoned. Many tourist, especially domestic moslems, come to the city not to praise its precious heritage but to visit the shrine of Mavlana Hassanudin (The first Sultan of Banten) as a Saint. The city is easy to reach from Cengkareng International Airport (CGK) by bus (DAMRI.) It's only 100km away from CGK. You can stay in Serang, the capital city of Banten Province and base your hotel here. The Banten Ancient City is only 10 km from Serang, about 15 minutes taxi ride.

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Banten Ancient City
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