"Hieronymites, or the Order of St. Jerome (Latin: Ordo Sancti Hieronymi, abbreviated O.S.H.), is a common name for several congregations of hermits living according to the Rule of St. Augustine, with supplementary regulations taken from the writings of the 5th-century monk and scholar, St Jerome. The principal group with this name was founded in Spain in the 14th century. Their traditional habit is a white tunic with a brown, hooded scapular and a brown mantle" (Wiki).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Belem Jeronimos Monastery. "Manuel I selected the religious order of Hieronymite monks to occupy the monastery, whose role it was to pray for the King's eternal soul and to provide spiritual assistance to navigators and sailors who departed from the beach of Restelo to discover the world . This the monks did until 1833 (over four centuries), when the religious orders were dissolved and the monastery was unoccupied" (Wiki)
El Escurial "Originally a property of the Hieronymite monks, it is now a monastery of the Order of Saint Augustine." (Wiki)
Santa Maria de Guadalupe From 1389 the principle house of the Hieronymites


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