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When I was 14, I already visited 10 WHS among other places (I visited them without knowing it, as I just discovered the WHS list half a year ago). During my education, I realized that I had traveled to many more places than my everyday, ordinary peers had in my plain public school. This has somehow been a motivaton for me to see more WHS and more USA National Parks. In fact, my goal is to go to about 25 countries and see around 100 - 200 WHS as well as many NPs in a modern-day average lifespan of years.

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- Statue of Liberty
- Lyons
- Banks of the Seine
- Holy See
- Naples
- Tower of London
- Edinburgh
- Grand Canyon
- Colonia del Sacramento
- Versailles
- Museum Island
- Tunis Medina
- Carthage
- Sousse Medina
- Independence Hall
- Charlottesville
- Great Smoky Mountains
- Mammoth Cave

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Medina of T├ętouan

Mike M. USA - 07-May-09

When I went to Tetouan, it was very windy. It had been awhile since I had last been in a medina and it felt nice to be back.

We ran into someone who ended up being a nice guide and showed us all around the medina and gave us a good tour of the medina. He educated us well about Morocco too, and brought us to a nice-looking restaurant to eat traditional Moroccan food.

I previously heard Tetouan has a small medina, but that was not the impression I got. Tetouan is also not as dirty as I heard it was. There is nothing wrong with the site at all, and I had a great experience there.

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