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In common with many people in this community, I love travelling, and find the unesco list a great guide for sparking off ideas of places to visit and encouraging me to make that bit of extra effort to travel to harder to reach places. They are always worth the effort. The huge tombs of the Buganda Kings are an example of that - taken by a taxi driver through the dusty suburbs of Kampala, to find these huge thatched constructions. Beside the impressive sites listed above, I also love Kew Gardens - beautiful at any time of year, but especially early in the morning before the crowds arrive.

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Morne Trois Pitons

Julia Chandler UK - 26-Apr-08

Morne Trois Pitons

I visited this site November 2007. The whole island is beautiful, rising steeply out of the sea, and they are very proud of the site - all major sights within it have clear signs with information about what you will see. We visited several different areas, walking through rainforest to see the Emerald Pool, then moving to a much higher altitude to see the Freshwater lake. The greenery there was quite different - you could almost feel you were walking around a lake in the Alps. There are clear reminders of the volcanic nature of the park (I think I read that Dominica has one of the highest concentration of volcanoes in the world) - in many places steaming water comes out of the ground and stains the rocks red and yellow.

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