Site et Rova de Tsinjoarivo


Site et Rova de Tsinjoarivo has been part of the Tentative list of Madagascar.

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Carrie A

USA - 03-Nov-14 -

Visited this site in the dry season (end of October 2014). We used an SUV (4x4) but even with dry roads and a strong vehicle the road was so deeply rutted and full of very deep pits (pot holes is not a strong enough word) that it took us nearly 4 hours to drive the 45 kilometers from Ambatolampy to the Rova. We probably could have walked faster and it might have been less jarring and headache-inducing. We did this on a Sunday and when we finally arrived at the rova, it was locked. The groundskeeper had gone to church in a neighboring village and had no intention of returning before nightfall. Clearly the government is not managing the site in a way that could effectively promote tourism there, despite it being a place of great historical interest and natural beauty. The waterfalls are scenic even in the dry season, and it's possible to walk right up to the top of them and peer down - completely dangerous, but possible. The owner of a small hotel nearby (the Gite du Rova, with cute and clean rooms and en suite western toilets but seemingly no running water) showed us around the waterfalls and told some of the local history, but he only spoke Malagasy (no French or English) so I was reliant on my trilingual Malagasy friend to serve as translator. Still, I'm very glad we found it. We all experienced a little Indiana Jones moment when we saw the rova on its outcropping come into view at long last. Worth a visit if you have a full day in the area and want to soak up a lot of lovely highlands scenery and daily life in the villages along the unpaved road to the site.

RASAMY Zafindravola Saza Jean Marie

Madagascar - 26-Sep-09 -

We've been in The "Rova de Tsinjoarivo" for a day.According to me , the site is beautiful because there was a superposition between the ancient Merina's civilisations and the begining of the forest in the east of Madagascar. But I think that the infrastructure isn't enough to promote tourism : you can't arrive there without a 4*4 during the raing season. Thus If you want to go there you must use your feet along 10 km or something like that

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