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Passau old town has been part of the Tentative list of Germany.

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Germany - 05-Mar-15 -

Passau is famous for its old town situated at the estuary of the Danube with two of its tributaries: Ilz and Inn. This makes the setting special. Historically, Passau was significant during the late Roman period and then again, when it became a bishop's seat in the 13th century. Its architecture from both these periods is impressive and the city ensemble survived intact. The city attempted to enter the German T-list in recent times for several occasions, but without success. In 2014 the Bavarian committee decided to forward other 4 sites to the ferederal T-list (Neuschwanstein, Augsburg, Nuremberg Trial Court and the Alps) while rejecting Passau. It recommended Passau to run as an extension to the Limes WHS focusing on its Roman heritage. Similar to Heidelberg, which was recommended to focus its proposal on its university, Passau decided to withdraw from any further attempts at a WHS title.

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Passau old town
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