Scientific articles about the UNESCO World Heritage process and its consequences.


Resource Description Year Review
Power, persuasion and preservation: exacting times in the World Heritage Committee - C. Liuzza, Lynn MeskellThis paper examines the modes of persuasion deployed throughout the decision-making processes of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.2021-
Unesco designations: world heritage sites and biosphere reserves - Gianfranco TamburelliSeries of case studies on country level about challenges and opportunities arising from multiple designations.2013-
Multilateral Ethnography: entering the World Heritage arena - Christoph BrumannField work research by a Social Anthropologist, executed during recent World Heritage Committee meetings.2012-
Preserving the heritage of humanity? Obtaining world heritage status and the impacts of listing - Aa, Bart J.M. van derThe 1972 UNESCO world heritage convention was established to better preserve the world's 'most outstanding' natural and cultural world heritage sites. This research tries to answer the question of whether or not the convention 2005-
Cultural Landscapes: the Challenges of Conservation - VariousA collection of lectures and papers, as presented to an audience of experts from around the world in Ferrara (2002).2003-
World Heritage as NIMBY? The Case of the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea - Bart J.M. van der Aa, Peter D. Groote and Paulus PAcquiring the world heritage label, a reward for establishing and preserving an outstanding environment, is often assumed to be an honour for the local population and a useful leverage for the tourist and environmenta2002-