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Resource Description Year Review
The Best We Share: Nation, Culture and World-Making in the UNESCO World Heritage Arena - Christoph Brumann"Building on ethnographic fieldwork at Committee sessions, interviews and documentary study, the book links the change in operations of the World Heritage Committee with structural nation-centeredness, vulnerable procedures for evaluation, monitoring and decision-making, and loose heritage conceptions that have been inconsistently applied. As the most ambitious study of the World Heritage arena so far, this volume dissects the inner workings of a prominent global body, demonstrating the power of ethnography in the highly formalised and diplomatic context of a multilateral organisation."2021-
Great World Wonders: 100 Remarkable World Heritage Sites - Michael Turtle"In Great World Wonders, travel enthusiast and writer Michael Turtle offers a curated guide to the best UNESCO World Heritage sites around the globe, each with a fascinating tale and insight into our shared humanity."2021Read
Developing Heritage Developing Countries: Ethiopian Nation-Building and the Origins of UNESCO World - Marie Huber"This book looks at the development politics that shaped the UNESCO World Heritage programme, with a case study of Ethiopian World Heritage sites from the 1960s to the 1980s. In a large-scale conservation and tourism planning project, selected sites were set up and promoted as images of the Ethiopian nation."2020-
Coastal World Heritage Sites - Vanda Claudino-SalesUnique book on coastal and marine natural World Heritage sites Presents the world’s most spectacular coastal and marine area, in both a scenic and scientific way Discusses the culture, biodiversity and conservation of UNESCO’s coastal and marine natural sites.2019Read
A Future in Ruins - Lynn Meskell"A Future in Ruins is the story of UNESCO's efforts to save the world's heritage and, in doing so, forge an international community dedicated to peaceful co-existence and conservation. It traces how archaeology and internationalism were united in Western initiatives after the political upheavals of the First and Second World Wars. This formed the backdrop for the emergent hopes of a better world that were to captivate the minds of men."2018-
World Heritage Sites: A Complete Guide to 1073 UNESCO World Heritage Sites - UNESCO (published by Collins)"This eighth edition contains all 1,073 World Heritage Sites in 168 countries, principalities and island states in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, the Arab States, Latin America, the Caribbean and the world's oceans. Forty-two are new to this edition."2018-
The Heritage-scape: UNESCO, World Heritage, and Tourism - Michael A. Di Giovine "Anthropologist and former tour operator Michael Di Giovine draws on ethnographic fieldwork, close policy analysis of UNESCOs major documents, and professional experiences in Southeast Asia and Europe to provide a detailed examination of UNESCOs unusual effort to harness the phenomenon of globalization and the existence of cultural diversity for the purpose of creating 'peace in the minds of men' through its World Heritage program."2008-
The Politics of World Heritage: Negotiating Tourism and Conservation - David Harrison, Michael HitchcockThis collection of papers discuss World Trade Law and focus on the contested nature of World Heritage at sites as diverse as The Netherlands, Ellis Island (USA), post-colonial Mesoamerica, Cambodia, Fiji, Kyrgyzstan, and Vietnam. In addition, eight research notes explore heritage interpretation in the USA, Lebanon, Peru, Indonesia, Singapore, Tasmania and India.2005-
Ancient Civilizations: World Heritage Sites - Cattaneo"Archaeology and anthropology are progressively reconstructing humanity's cultural history. This volume illustrates the World Heritage List, from Lascaux to the enormous artistic and cultural legacies of Angkor and Machu Picchu." "This volume is the last in a three part series dedicated to UNESCO's campaign to safeguard and increase awareness of Man's cultural and natural heritage. It describes 100 of the world's most important archaeological sites, all of which are invaluable treasures of history and civilization."2004-
Landscapes of the World : Conserving a global Heritage - P. Fowler"The best of the world's cultural landscapes - the results of humanity's interaction with the environment over millennia - are a legacy of enormous importance, comparable with great archaeological monuments and works of art. Since 1992 the international community has begun to define, identify, designate and protect these special places, through UNESCO's World Heritage Programme, which now inscribes World Heritage landscapes as well as World Heritage sites. This book provides an accessible introduction to these globally significant landscapes. Peter Fowler asks why these places matter to all of us. In this book he explores the ideas, iconography and values which have inspired the UNESCO programme; visits all of the 38 landscapes designated in the period 1992-2003" 2004-
World Heritage Sites; Nature Sanctuaries - Cattaneo"This is a "coffee-table" sized book with magnificent photography. It is dedicated to the most important protected habitats on earth. Superb pictures and detailed maps accompany clear texts that describe the history, natural events and biological patrimony of each site." 2003-
Treasury of World Culture Vol 2 Monumental sites - Terraroli"This second of the three-volume UNESCO World Heritage series examines "monument structures" sites that can be seen as an essence of their cultures. The UNESCO World Heritage program selected 47 monuments based on historical importance and stylistic variations employed for the exercise of political power, social prestige, luxury, religious worship, and collective memory. The panorama includes the Taj Mahal of Agra, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Temple of Borobudur, the Alhambra, the Kremlin, the Pueblo of Taos, and one of the most recognized monuments to a historical moment-the Statue of Liberty."2003-
Treasury of World Culture Vol 1 Arch Sites + Urban Centres - Terraroli"That tour begins here, in the first of the three-volume UNESCO World Heritage series: 46 living and archeological built environments from continuously-occupied cities such as Crakow and old Havana to archeological treasures such as Macchu Picchu (Peru) and Angkor Wat (Cambodia); Petra (Jordan); the Imperial Forums (Italy); the Casbah of Algiers; Teotihuacan (Mexico)-and discoveries that make a full spectrum of world cultures. Each site is presented up close with color reproductions and a rich explanatory text. The volume is completed by the charter map of the World Heritage Foundation and includes UNESCO's standards for designation. " 2003-
World Heritage Sites of UNESCO: Treasures of Art - Cattaneo"This volume, the first in a series of three dedicated to UNESCO's task of safeguarding world heritage sites, introduces the reader to one hundred of the most interesting locations from an artistic or architectural standpoint, from the art centers of Europe to the baroque cathedrals of South America"2002-
Our Magnificent Wilderness; 40 of the world's most beautiful places selected by UNESCO - Grundsten + Hanneberg"In Our Magnificent Wilderness, Claes Grundsten and Peter Hanneberg are our personal guides, taking us on a journey to some of the most spectacular and precious places on Earth. Through their words and pictures, we experience the best of our awe-inspiring natural heritage sites. The authors' selection spans six continents and includes the great landscapes of North America, such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Everglades National Parks; stunning sites in Africa, from the endless savanna of the Serengeti, with its herds of migratory mammals, to the peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, which both offer the extraordinary spectacle of snow at the Equator; and the breathtaking beauty of Central and South America, from the neotropical dry forest of Costa Rica in the north to Argentina in the south, with its extensive waterfalls and windswept, sun-parched salt lakes." 2002-
World Heritage Forests: The WH convention as a mechanism for conserving tropical forest biodiversity - Ishwaran"Brief overview of the objectives of the World Heritage Convention’s tropical forest conservation program with recommendations and a tentative list of tropical forests suitable for World Heritage designation. 24 color photos, line illustrations, 3 color maps, two supplemental lists of conference participants and other interested parties" 1999-
Encyclopedia of Sacred Places - Norbert C BrockmanNot strictly about WHS but appendix C contains a list of all WHS Cultural sites, many of which are described in the book. "In traditions as old as the henges of Stone Age Britain and as new as Himmler's Nazi antishrine at Verden, in spots as inaccessible as the hermit caves dug into the high cliffs at Meteora and as crowded as downtown Bangkok, humans have sought ways to honor the sacred. The Encyclopedia of Sacred Places records the rich and varied legacy of this quest. In over 200 articles, author Norbert Brockman accompanies the reader on a Grand Pilgrimage to the world's most important holy places--ancient and modern, grand and modest, natural and man-made." 1999-
Visitor management; Case Studies from World Heritage sites - Shackley"Visitor Management' is an innovative collection of case studies taken from cultural World Heritage Sites. Using examples from the world's most significant archaeological and architectural legacies this book identifies the problems involved with site management. Cultural World Heritage Sites are extremely attractive to contemporary visitors. This poses many problems for site management, notably the need to preserve a delicate balance between interpretation, conservation and the provision of visitor facilities. This contributed title takes examples from a range of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and shows models of good practice looking at the functions of the different organizations involved and the range of variation among sites. The contributors have international expertise and draw on first-hand knowledge at a practical level."1998-
Paradise on Earth: The Natural World Heritage List - Swadling et al"More than 100 natural sites around the world have been chosen by the United Nations' World Heritage Committee for their beauty and natural significance. This book is the only photographic and descriptive collection of these sites. The spectacular color photos depict the world's most awe-inspiring natural sites, including the Grand Canyon, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Virunga's mountain gorilla habitat, and the Galapagos Islands. The rare and exotic animals, as well as the old favorites, make this an ideal family book and one that will be a great asset to school science projects."1995-
Masterworks of Man and Nature - Mark Swadling + Tim Baker"A compendium of the most important natural and cultural sites in the world as designated by their inclusion on the United Nations' World Heritage List. Covering more than 360 sites, this book contains a brief description of each site and its significance. The beautiful photographs are supported by insightful text from some of the world's most prominent conservationists and statespeople..."1992-
Our World's Heritage - Carol LutykCovers 247 sites "This beautifully illustrated book provides a very useful overview of the objectives and impacts of the 1972 Convention for the safeguarding of the World Heritage. It covers not only present sites but also sites which may be inscribed on the World Heritage List in the future, such as NamibNaukluft Park in Namibia (not yet a State Party to the Convention), Easter Island, in Chile, or the Fushimi-Inari Shrine and the Moss Garden, in Kyoto, Japan. The book is a compilation of studies of vanished civilizations, urban landscapes and other themes touching on our common inheritance, all illustrated by pictures of the most outstanding sites."1987-
A Legacy for All - UNESCOCovers all 57 sites as of 1980 with 2 pages per site of which 1 is usually a full page photo and the other usually contains some smaller photos. Short description of each site plus introduction by the then UNESCO Director M'bow. 1980-

By Country

Country Resource Description Year Review
AustraliaWorld Heritage Sites of Australia - Peter Valentine "Peter Valentine presents Australia's 19 World Heritage sites in a magnificent tribute to natural and cultural history. The outstanding qualities of each site are described and illustrated in exquisite detail, along with an account of how the site came to be on the World Heritage List. In many cases, the path towards listing was not straightforward, with the Australian Government having to exercise its constitutional powers against other parties with vested interests in using sites for other purposes, including forestry and mining. "2019-
AustraliaAustralia's World Heritage - Robert Osborne (ed.)"Lavish volume illuminates the most valuable natural and cultural treasures to be found in all corners of the continent, from the world's largest fish in Shark's Bay to Aboriginal art carvings in rock in Ubirr"1997-
AustraliaWasteland to World heritage preserving Australia's Heritage - Colin Hall"Comprehensive history of wilderness preservation in Australia"1992-
AustraliaWorld Heritage Rainforest Australia - Peter Lik + M Prokiv"Oblong shaped hardback glossy coloured photos of creatures of the rainforests of Queensland and northern New South Wales, low and highland rainforests featured."1996-
AustriaVienna; A guide to the World Heritage Sites - Wehdorn et al"The historical center of Vienna was named a UNESCO World Heritage landmark in December 2001. The criteria for this selection were the variety and quality of the architecture and urban construction in Vienna, which comprises the middle ages, the Baroque period, the end of the eighteenth century and the beginnings of Modernism. These styles still characterize the city today. Manfred Wehdorn’s city guide takes the visitor on a tour of historical Viennese streets and squares, but also to hidden locations in Viennese courtyards. Vienna’s history comes to life as the connections between the buildings and palaces and their builders, architects and inhabitants are revealed. The city guide is a systematic compendium containing fifty city maps to make orientation within the city and locating the individual sights easier."2004-
AustriaWorld Heritages under the protection of UNESCO: Germany, Austria and Switzerland - Thomas Starke"Vorstellung der deutschen, österreichischen und der schweizer Welterbestätten."2001-
CanadaOur North American World Heritage - Mark Swadling"Magnificent volume showcases 46 natural and cultural heritage sites in Canada and the U.S., from the towering rock faces in Yosemite Park to a herd of migrating caribou in Labrador. A descriptive essay highlights the significance of each wonder. Well illustrated in color". 1997-
ChinaWorld Heritage Craze in China - Haiming YanChina claims to have the longest continuous civilization in the world and is seeking recognition from UNESCO. This book explores three dimensions of the UNESCO World Heritage initiative with particular relevance for China: the universal agenda, the national practices, and the local responses. With a sociological lens, this book offers comprehensive insights into World Heritage, as well as China’s deep social, cultural, and political structures.2018Read
ChinaChinese Heritage Sites and their Audiences - Rouran ZhangThe young Chinese scholar Rouran Zhang has written a study about how China deals with its heritage sites and how they are perceived by their visitors. The WHS of West Lake and Xidi & Hongcun are used as case studies. Zhang is also an expert member at the ICOMOS committee on Cultural Landscapes, so he brings in both the Chinese and the international perspective. 2020Read
CyprusWorld Heritage Sites in Cyprus - Loria Markedes (ed)In English + Greek1999-
GermanyWorld Heritages under the protection of UNESCO: Germany, Austria and Switzerland - Thomas Starke"Vorstellung der deutschen, österreichischen und der schweizer Welterbestätten."2001-
IndiaThe Rebirth of Bodh Gaya: Buddhism and the Making of a World Heritage Site - David GearyThis multilayered historical ethnography of Bodh Gaya ― the place of Buddha's enlightenment in the north Indian state of Bihar ― explores the spatial politics surrounding the transformation of the Mahabodhi Temple Complex into a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002.2017Read
IndiaSpeaking Stones: World Cultural Heritage Sites in India - Mitra"The first comprehensive guidebook which threads the 17 UNESCO-designated World Cultural Heritage Sites in India as a tourist circuit. These include the Taj Mahal, Ajanta Caves and the Churches of Goa. With extensive research in historical as well as architectural details, this is an invaluable companion not only for the tourist but also the armchair traveller. Over 200 specially commissioned photographs and easy-to-follow site maps make this illustrated exploration of India's living past a visual delight. As the sites are scattered across the country, often far removed from the beaten path, we have given comprehensive and up-to-date information to make these sites easily accessible."2001-
IndiaMonumental Legacy (series) - VariousKhajuraho, Ellora, Pattadakal, Goa, Sanchi, Konarak, Hampi - All around 100pp."Part of the Monumental Legacy series, this well illustrated and well informed book explains in lucid language the historical background and architecture of the Buddhist monuments of Sanchi. This book, with its section on practical information, is a comprehensive guide for the discerning tourist as well as scholars."2002-
IndiaIndia: UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Shikha Jain (Editor), Vinay Sheel Oberoi (Editor),"A stunning photographic survey of India’s thirty-eight World Heritage Sites."2021-
ItalyItaly world heritage - Fulco PratesiMostly photographic collection of the (at the time) 55 WHS in Italy.2019-
JapanJapan's World Heritage Sites - John DougillIn Japan's World Heritage Sites, readers are introduced to the temples, gardens, castles and natural wonders for which Japan is so justly renowned - all of those now declared to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites.2014Read
NetherlandsWorld Heritage of the Netherlands - Marjolein van Rotterdam'World Heritage of the Netherlands' describes the origins, historical meaning and special character of each heritage site in the country. The beautiful photography and historical images make it a unique document! 2015-
New ZealandForests, Fjords and Glaciers New Zealand's World Heritage - G Hutching + C Potton1987-
NorwayOur Nordic Heritage: World Heritage sites in the Nordic Countries - Anker + Snitt"Our Nordic Heritage presents the 18 sites in the Nordic countries which have been inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List - the cultural and natural heritage of mankind. Areas with this status represent outstanding and irreplaceable cultural and natural treasures. They are important to us as sources of experience and understanding of our manifold historical, cultural and natural background. The 18 Nordic Areas on the World Heritage List span a period of more than 6000 years - from the first rock carvings in Alta to the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm, which was completed in 1961."1998-
NorwayNordic World Heritage: Proposals for new areas for the UNESCO World Heritage list - Suul1996-
PolandThe World Heritage: Poland on the UNESCO List - Bujak2004-
RussiaWorld Heritage of Russia. Volume 1. Architecture. - Alla Sirotkina14 cultural sites are descibed.2016-
RussiaWorld Heritage of Russia. Volume 2. Natural sites. - Alla Sirotkina12 natural sites are described.2016-
RussiaBuilding a Common Past: World Heritage in Russia under Transformation, 1965–2000 - Corinne Geering"How did a kremlin, a fortified monastery or a wooden church in Russia become part of the heritage of the entire world? Corinne Geering traces the development of international cooperation in conservation since the 1960s, highlighting the role of experts and sites from the Soviet Union and later the Russian Federation in UNESCO and ICOMOS. Despite the ideological divide, the notion of world heritage gained momentum in the decades following World War II. Divergent interests at the local, national and international levels had to be negotiated when shaping the Soviet and Russian cultural heritage displayed to the world. The socialist discourse of world heritage was re-evaluated during perestroika and re-integrated as UNESCO World Heritage in a new state and international order in the 1990s."2019-
SpainHeritage of Mankind in Spain - Carme PoloA World Heritage, UNESCO publication. 263 pages. Numerous colour photographs by Man Costas of Spain's 21 World Heritage sites. Foreword by Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Director General of UNESCO.0-
SwitzerlandWorld Heritages under the protection of UNESCO: Germany, Austria and Switzerland - Thomas Starke"Vorstellung der deutschen, österreichischen und der schweizer Welterbestätten."2001-
United KingdomEngland's World Heritage - John Hedgecoe"A lavish pictorial survey of the eleven most spectacular historic sites in England, featuring 200 color images by renowned photographer John Hedgecoe. From the ancient world of Stonehenge and Hadrian's Wall to the glory and grandeur of Blenheim Palace, from prehistory to the Industrial Revolution, here are England's greatest historical sites. Celebrated photographer John Hedgecoe takes us to places steeped in history, among them Bath, Canterbury, the Tower of London, and Westminster. Accompanying the 200 color photographs, David Souden's engaging text reveals each site's story and historical significance."1997-
United States of AmericaOur North American World Heritage - Mark Swadling"Magnificent volume showcases 46 natural and cultural heritage sites in Canada and the U.S., from the towering rock faces in Yosemite Park to a herd of migrating caribou in Labrador. A descriptive essay highlights the significance of each wonder. Well illustrated in color". 1997-