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The implicit aim of the members of this community is to visit as many WHS as possible. Or as many as they’ve set themselves as a goal. But there are also smaller ‘achievements’ to be gained. A satisfying and popular subgoal for example is having a country ‘complete’, especially one of the biggies. And there are other cross-sections to make that show the specific Travel Focus of our WH Travellers. For example: who has bagged the most WHS in Africa? Or who has visited the most WHS on Uninhabited islands?

Countries completed

From the 3 countries that have the most WHS within their borders, China is completed by 5, Italy by 11 and Germany by 20 community members.

Looking at the countries that cover a large geographical area: 3 members have the USA complete (Don Parrish, Zoë Sheng, Jeanne OGrady). No one has Canada complete. No one has Russia (Ivan & Martina have 28/30, missing Uvs Nuur and Wrangel Island). Australia is best covered by Shandos Cleaver (18/20), missing Macquarie and Heard & McDonald Islands.

Ever-popular Turkey (8) seems to be relatively easy to complete, and Mexico (2) only has the Archipiélago de Revillagigedo as a tricky one. Completing the UK is notoriously difficult because of the many remote islands on its list (Solivagant comes out best with 31/33, missing Henderson Island and the easy St. George, Bermuda).

Best by continent

When we look at the WHS per continent (using the UNESCO definition of “regions”), the top scorers are:

  • Africa: the late Iain Jackson comes out best by far (67/106)
  • Arab States: Singaporean Zen Zeng comes first (71/87), Hungarian Szucs Tamacs wins silver with 70 and Chinese Shihe Huang is 3rd with 69.
  • Asia and the Pacific: Zen Zeng is first here as well (247/283), closely followed by Zoë Sheng (239)
  • Europe and North America: Zoë Sheng comes out first (501/619); Ivan Rucek - thanks to his great scores in Russia and Turkey - is best overall in Europe only (463/575)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Iain Jackson again (117/155, see his missing map below), Atila & Nihal Ege doing well too with 105 as does Luis Filipe Gaspar.

I’ve dumped the top 50’s in a dynamic table for you to browse and in a pdf for future reference.

Difficult to reach

We can of course apply the same kind of queries to the travel-themed connections.  There are the trivial ones, such as “Who has seen the most WHS with chimpanzees in the wild?” (Iain Jackson 6/13) or the most Located in a Capital City (Solivagant has almost all of them, 85/89)?

Or these ones, that tell us something about the logistical difficulty factor:

Top rankings for these connections can be found here, including a few extra ones such as Arctic, Dependent territories, and those with 'ticks' spread out over the highest number of countries.

Do you pursue any specific WH-related travel subgoals?

Els - 10 April 2022

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Astraftis 24 April 2022

I might mention serial completism: leaving pile dwellings aside, for many it is actually possible to visit all sites, even if it can be quite an effort. I'm setting it as a goal for some selected serial sites. Also "regional completism" for transnational serial sites.

Lubos 14 April 2022

Recently I did about 19 WHS in Spain in 21 days. Not the best way when it comes to quality sightseeing but somehow for me satisfying never the less. And I like to do some kind of speed WHS hunting in the future as well.

Philipp Peterer 12 April 2022

I am obsessed with having good weather when I visit. So I try to visit as many as possible when at least the sun is showing partially.
Also trying to cover as much as possible when in a new country and complete smaller ones in one trip.
Getting nowhere in terms of inscription years. My range there is 67-21%.

Nan 12 April 2022

>> Also, I prefer ticking more rather as less. For exampme would love to visit Wrangel. But it eats a lot of days so I rather go somewhere else.

Used to be my approach, too. But nowadays the clusters are gone. And after having reached a certain quantity, it's more about the quality to me.

Chris W (christravelblog) 10 April 2022

I have no sub goals in particularly but do prefer finishing a whole country at once if its do-able in 5-14 days. I also prefer a new country over a re-visit of one I have been.

I do go to places first which have my personal interest the most (of course will also visit sights less interesting).

Also, I prefer ticking more rather as less. For exampme would love to visit Wrangel. But it eats a lot of days so I rather go somewhere else.

Nan 10 April 2022

I think completing inscription years is more reasonable nowadays. Years tend to mix continentsxamd easy and hard one. The early years are also very high quality.

For a country complete in 2020 or so makes more sense. In my case, Italy will be undone soon again. And incessant battle against mediocre new sites, gets upended by giving a reference year.

Last but not least, finished the Hanseatic city leagues connection.