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I discovered the World Heritage list whilst studying in the Czech city of Olomouc in 2003, and since then I have spent a fair bit of my time visiting the sites and boring people with information about them. World Heritage Sites provide a great way to hunt out the best bits of countries and can give you a look at some great parts of a destination that you would otherwise not see. A few of my favourite sites have been the ones that I have made a special effort to get to see because of their place on the list; Sceilg Mhichíl, Guanajuato and Preah Vihear

I mostly take short trips around Europe, making the most of budget airlines special offers, seeing some of the continent's great cities, visiting friends and dragging them to some pretty obscure places.
I try to travel outside Europe at least once a year and hope to tick off a few of the places on my wish list when money, politics and time enable this.

Next Trips:
Bremen (visit number four!!)

If anyone is interested, here is my very subjective score out of 10 that I have given each site:

10 Grand Canyon (USA), Rome (Ita), Bauhaus (Deu), Angkor (Cam), Yellowstone (USA), Mexico City (Mex)

9 Prague (CzR), Auschwitz (Pol), Vienna (Öst), Plantin Moretus Museum (Bel), Sceilg Mhichíl (Ire), Ellora (Ind), Ajanta (Ind), Venice (Ita), Guanajuato (Mex), Monarch Butterfly Reserve (Mex), Brasilia (Brz)

8 Cesky Krumlov (CzR), Dougga (Tun), Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau (Esp), Dresden (Deu), Vatican (Vat), Castles of Gwynedd (UK), Marrakesh (Mrc), Bamberg (Deu), Kiev (Ukr), Preah Vihear (Cam), Edinburgh (UK), Varberg Radio Station (Swe), Great Wall (Chn), Summer Palace (Chn), Tallinn (Est), Aquileia (Ita), Mesa Verde (USA), Chaco Culture (USA), Segovia (Esp), Salzburg (Öst)

7 Westminster (UK), Sydney Opera House (Aus), Kraków (Pol), Budapest (Mgr), Amsterdam (Ned), Paris (Fra), Belem (Por), Horta Houses (Bel), Works of Gaudi (Esp), Tugendhat Villa (CzR), Santa Maria delle Grazie/ Last Supper (Ita), Florence (Ita), Rietveld Schröderhuis (Ned), Strasbourg (Fra), Würzburg (Deu), Valetta (Mlt), Syracuse (Ita), Þingvellir (Ice), Cordoba (Esp), Warsaw (Pol), Pilgrimage Route to Santiago (Esp), Bordeaux (Fra), St Emilion (Fra), Hadrian’s Wall (UK), Temple of Heaven (Chn), Forbidden City (Chn), Hwaseong Fortress (Kor), Graz (Öst), El Escurial (Esp), Quedlinburg (Deu), Goslar (Deu), Regensburg (Deu), Fez (Mrc), Rabat (Mrc), Gammelstad (Swe), Peace Churches (Pol), Casa Barragan (Mex), Teotihuacan (Mex), San Miguel (Mex), Puebla (Mex), Xochicalco (Mex), Rio (Brz), Riga (Lat), Wartburg (Deu)

6 Statue of Liberty (USA), Yosemite (USA), Stonehenge (UK), Trinity Column Olomouc (CzR), Wieliczka Salt Mine (Pol), Coimbra (Por), Sintra (Por), Greenwich (UK), Tunis (Tun), Amphitheatre El Jem (Tun), Kerkuane (Tun), Ironbridge (UK), Telc (CzR), Litomyšl (CzR), Neolithic Flint Mines Spiennes (Bel), Mt St Michel (Fra), Avignon (Fra), Pont Du Gard (Fra), Roman Theatre Orange (Fra), Lyon (Fra), Ait Ben-Haddou (Mrc), Chilehaus (Deu), Saltaire (UK), Seville (Esp), Durham (UK), Zollverein (Deu), Senegambian Circles (Sen), Kunta Kinte Island (Gam), Amiens Cathedral (Fra), Vilnius (Lit), Studley Royal (UK), Northern Spanish Cave Art (Esp), Sukothai (Thai), Victoria Terminus (Ind), Verona (Ita), Gyeongju (Kor), Haeinsa (Kor), Malbork (Pol), Roskilde Cathedral (Den), Wachau (Öst), Idrija, Mercury (Slv), Longobards: Cividale del Friuli (Ita), Škocjan Caves (Slv), Fagus Werks (Deu), Hallstatt (Ost), Wieskirche (Deu), Pisa (Ita), Volubilis (Mrc), Meknes (Mrc), Cornish Mines (UK), Decorated Farmhouses (Swe), UNAM (Mex), Queretaro (Mex), Popocatepetl Monasteries (Mex), Monticello (USA), Van Nellefabriek (Ned), Weimar (Deu), Beech Forests (Deu)

5 Kutna Hora (CzR), Museuminsel (Deu), Belfries (Bel/Fra), Luxembourg (Lux), Begijnhofs (Bel), Grand Place, Brussels (Bel), Porto (Por), Bath (UK), Trier (Deu), Canterbury Cathedral (UK), Brugge (Bel), Carthage (Tun), Kairouan (Tun), Kew Gardens (UK), Brú na Bóinne (Ire), Želena Hora Pilgrimage Church (CzR), Augustusburg Castle (Deu), Aachen Cathedral (Deu), Versailles (Fra), Beemster Polder (Ned), Arles (Fra), Essaouira (Mrc), Lübeck (Deu), Rhine Valley (Deu), Hypogeum (Mlt), Val di Noto (Ita), Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Deu), Santiago (Esp), Ayutthaya (Thai), Khao Yai (Thai), Elephanta Caves (Ind), Hildesheim (Deu), Mantua (Ita), Vicenza (Ita), Fontainebleau (Fra), Tanum rock carvings (Swe), Grand Canal (Chn), Seokguram & Bulguksa (Kor), Changdeokgung Palace (Kor), Mudejar Architecture (Esp), Toledo (Esp), Taos Pueblo (USA), New Lanark (UK), Engelsberg (Swe), Laponia (Swe), Centennial Hall (Pol), Padre Tembleque Aqueduct (Mex)

4 Tower of London (UK), Dorset Coast (UK), Schönbrunn (Öst), Blaenavon (UK), Sousse (Tun), Třebic (CzR), Tournai Cathedral (Bel), Modena Cathedral (Ita), Chatres Cathedral (Fra), Route Santiago (Fra), Kinderdijk (Ned), Messel Fossil Pit (Deu), Giant's Causeway (UK), Maltesse Temples (Mlt), Bremen (Deu), Palace Stoclet (Bel), Skogskyrkogarden (Swe), La Lonja de Valencia (Esp), Nesvizh (Blr), Asturian Monuments (Esp), Forth Bridge (UK), Joseon Tombs (Kor), Semmeringbahn (Öst), Poreč (Hrv), Rideau Canal (Can), Aranjuez (Esp), Ávila (Esp), Alaca de Heneres (Esp), Wismar (Deu), Independence Hall (USA), Morelia (Mex), Wallonian Mines (Bel), Stevns Klint (Den)

3 Blue Mountains (Aus), Potsdam (Deu), Holašovice (CzR), Cahokia Mounds (USA), Liverpool (UK), Köln Cathedral (Deu), Amsterdam Defence Line (Ned), Dessau-Worlitz Gardens (Deu), Berlin Housing Estates (Deu), Drottningholm (Swe), Pontcysyllte Aqueduct (UK), Donana NP (Esp), Speyer Cathedral (Deu), Jelling Mounds (Den), Kernave (Lit), Lugo (Esp), Tower of Herculese (Esp), Padua Botanic Garden (Ita), Yangdong (Kor), Jongmyo Shrine (Kor), Kronborg Castle (Den), Lednice Valtice (CzR), Falun (Swe), Hovgården (Swe), Camino Real (Mex), Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin (Fra), Muskauer Park (Deu)

2 Kromeriz (CzR), Blenhiem Palace (UK), Le Havre (Fra), Four Lifts Canal du Centre (Bel), Derwent Valley Mills (UK), Shockland (Ned), Struve Geodetic Arc (Lit), Wadden Sea (Deu), Peking Man Site (Chn), Ganghwa Dolmen (Kor), Corvey (Deu), Wilhelmshöhe (Deu), Christiansfeld (Den)

1 Ir.D.F. Woudagemaal (Ned), Vauban/ Arras (Fra), Mir Castle (Blr), Ming Tombs (Chn), Pile Dwellings (Deu), Par force hunting landscape (Den)

Map of Visited Sites

Recent Reviews by Ian Cade

Bauhaus Sites Ian Cade

Eight years ago I wrote about how, for fans of modern art and architecture, a trip to the Bauhaus is less 'a visit' and more 'a pilgrimage'. In the intervening period it has been the greatest delight in my life to have met and married someone who shared my giddy excitement about this building. As such the night we spent

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Bauhaus Sites Ian Cade

Having now visited the site in Weimar I can now understand the lukewarm reviews of what is one of my favourite German WHS.

If you are just visiting to tick it off then it really isn't much more than some well-designed academic buildings. Architecturally interesting but not spectacular, it sort of feels like any other European university, and whilst there are real links to the schools artistic heritage I just didn't feel like I was somewhere particularly important.

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Primeval Beech Forests Ian Cade

Driving out to Hainich I apologised to my wife, "I think I have gone too far with this one." The calm non-vocalised acceptance indicated I had indeed probably overstepped the mark a little.

By this time our car was weaving on the deep snow atop the single track road outside the village of Craula and I had already started budgeting for how much the recovery vehicle would cost to haul us out.

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Muskauer Park Ian Cade

We had a somewhat unplanned, quick, cold but still pleasant trip here in January 2016.

Having driven around town trying to find the central palace and missing it a few times, we eventually found a space right in the centre of town. Putting on as many layers as possible we ventured out and were surprised that the palace was architecturally more interesting than we had anticipated, and the frozen moat certainly looked nice in the clear winter sun.

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Bursa and Cumalikizik Ian Cade

Bursa became a very enjoyable but late addition to our long weekend in Istanbul, fortunately for us it had already been well covered by other reviewers, so we knew what to focus on in the city centre, especially thanks to Solivagant’s explanation of “Kullieye”, so I won’t expand much on their thorough rundowns.

We enjoyed walking around the central market area, and the central mosque was very welcoming and the trickling of the fountain under the glass dome inside gave a very tranquil feeling.

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Ian Cade's Lists

  1. Aachen Cathedral
  2. Ajanta Caves
  3. Alcala de Henares
  4. Altamira Cave
  5. Amiens Cathedral
  6. Amphitheater of El Jem
  7. Amsterdam Canal Ring
  8. Angkor
  9. Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque
  10. Aquileia
  11. Aranjuez
  12. Arles
  13. Asturian Monuments
  14. Auschwitz Birkenau
  15. Avignon
  16. Avila
  17. Ayutthaya
  18. Bamberg
  19. Bauhaus Sites
  20. Beemster Polder
  21. Belem
  22. Belfries
  23. Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
  24. Berlin Modernism Housing Estates
  25. Birka and Hovgarden
  26. Blaenavon Industrial Landscape
  27. Blenheim Palace
  28. Bordeaux
  29. Botanical Garden, Padua
  30. Brasilia
  31. Brú na Bóinne
  32. Brugge
  33. Budapest
  34. Bursa and Cumalikizik
  35. Cahokia Mounds
  36. Camino Real
  37. Canterbury
  38. Castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust
  39. Centennial Hall
  40. Central University City Campus of the UNAM
  41. Cesky Krumlov
  42. Chaco Culture
  43. Changdeokgung Palace Complex
  44. Chartres Cathedral
  45. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
  46. Christiansfeld
  47. Churches of Peace
  48. City of Bath
  49. City of Luxembourg
  50. Classical Weimar
  51. Cologne Cathedral
  52. Cordoba
  53. Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape
  54. Corvey
  55. Cracow
  56. Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland
  57. Defence Line of Amsterdam
  58. Derwent Valley Mills
  59. Donana National Park
  60. Dong Phayayen
  61. Dorset and East Devon Coast
  62. Dougga/Thugga
  63. Drottningholm
  64. Durham Castle and Cathedral
  65. Edinburgh
  66. El Escurial
  67. Elephanta Caves
  68. Ellora Caves
  69. Engelsberg Ironworks
  70. Euphrasian Basilica in Porec
  71. Fagus Factory
  72. Falun Great Copper Mountain
  73. Flemish Béguinages
  74. Florence
  75. Fontainebleau
  76. Forth Bridge
  77. Fortifications of Vauban
  78. Frontiers of the Roman Empire
  79. Gammelstad
  80. Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz
  81. Gardens and Castle at Kromeríz
  82. Giant's Causeway
  83. Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa Dolmen
  84. Grand Canal
  85. Grand Canyon
  86. Grand Place, Brussels
  87. Graz
  88. Great Wall
  89. Greater Blue Mountains
  90. Grimeton Radio Station
  91. Guanajuato
  92. Gwynedd Castles
  93. Gyeongju
  94. Haeinsa Temple
  95. Hahoe and Yangdong
  96. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
  97. Hallstatt-Dachstein
  98. Heritage of Mercury
  99. Hildesheim Cathedral and Church
  100. Holasovice
  101. Holy Trinity Column
  102. Hwaseong Fortress
  103. Imperial Palace
  104. Imperial Tombs
  105. Independence Hall
  106. Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal
  107. Ironbridge Gorge
  108. Istanbul
  109. Jelling
  110. Jongmyo Shrine
  111. Kairouan
  112. Kerkuane
  113. Kernavë Archeological Site
  114. Kew Gardens
  115. Kiev
  116. Kinderdijk
  117. Kronborg Castle
  118. Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou
  119. Kunta Kinteh Island
  120. Kutna Hora
  121. La Lonja de la Seda
  122. Laponian Area
  123. Le Havre
  124. Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape
  125. Litomysl Castle
  126. Liverpool
  127. Longobards in Italy
  128. Lübeck
  129. Luis Barragán House and Studio
  130. Luther Memorials
  131. Lyon
  132. Major Town Houses
  133. Malbork Castle
  134. Mantua and Sabbioneta
  135. Maritime Greenwich
  136. Medina of Essaouira
  137. Medina of Fez
  138. Medina of Marrakesh
  139. Medina of Sousse
  140. Medina of Tunis
  141. Megalithic Temples of Malta
  142. Meknes
  143. Mesa Verde
  144. Messel Pit
  145. Mexico City and Xochimilco
  146. Mining Sites of Wallonia
  147. Mir Castle
  148. Modena
  149. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
  150. Mont-Saint-Michel
  151. Monticello
  152. Morelia
  153. Mudejar Architecture of Aragon
  154. Museumsinsel (Museum Island)
  155. Muskauer Park
  156. Neolithic Flint Mines at Spiennes
  157. Nesvizh
  158. New Lanark
  159. Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin
  160. Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai
  161. Oporto
  162. Orange
  163. Palau de la Musica Catalana & Hospital de Sant Pau
  164. Palmeral of Elche
  165. Pampulha
  166. Par force hunting landscape
  167. Paris, Banks of the Seine
  168. Peking Man Site
  169. Piazza del Duomo (Pisa)
  170. Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk
  171. Pilgrimage Church of Wies
  172. Plantin-Moretus Museum
  173. Pont du Gard
  174. Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal
  175. Popocatepetl monasteries
  176. Potsdam
  177. Prague
  178. Preah Vihear Temple
  179. Prehistoric Pile Dwellings
  180. Primeval Beech Forests
  181. Puebla
  182. Quedlinburg
  183. Querétaro
  184. Rabat
  185. Rammelsberg and Goslar
  186. Regensburg
  187. Rideau Canal
  188. Rietveld Schröderhuis
  189. Riga
  190. Rio de Janeiro
  191. Rock Carvings in Tanum
  192. Roman Walls of Lugo
  193. Rome
  194. Roskilde Cathedral
  195. Route of Santiago de Compostela
  196. Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France
  197. Royal Joseon Tombs
  198. Saint-Emilion
  199. Saltaire
  200. Salzburg
  201. San Miguel de Allende
  202. Santa Maria delle Grazie
  203. Santiago de Compostela
  204. Sceilg Mhichíl
  205. Schokland
  206. Schönbrunn
  207. Segovia
  208. Semmering Railway
  209. Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple
  210. Seville
  211. Sintra
  212. Site of Carthage
  213. Skocjan Caves
  214. Skogskyrkogarden
  215. Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District
  216. Speyer Cathedral
  217. Statue of Liberty
  218. Stevns Klint
  219. Stoclet House
  220. Stone Circles of Senegambia
  221. Stonehenge
  222. Stralsund and Wismar
  223. Strasbourg
  224. Struve Geodetic Arc
  225. Studley Royal Park
  226. Sukhothai
  227. Summer Palace
  228. Sydney Opera House
  229. Syracuse
  230. Tallinn
  231. Taos Pueblo
  232. Telc
  233. Temple of Heaven
  234. Teotihuacan
  235. The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier
  236. The Four Lifts
  237. Thingvellir
  238. Toledo
  239. Torun
  240. Tower of Hercules
  241. Tower of London
  242. Town Hall and Roland, Bremen
  243. Trebic
  244. Trier
  245. Tugendhat Villa
  246. University of Coimbra
  247. Upper Middle Rhine Valley
  248. Val di Noto
  249. Valletta
  250. Van Nellefabriek
  251. Vatican City
  252. Venice and its Lagoon
  253. Verona
  254. Versailles
  255. Vicenza
  256. Vienna
  257. Vilnius
  258. Volubilis
  259. Wachau Cultural Landscape
  260. Wadden Sea
  261. Warsaw
  262. Wartburg Castle
  263. Westminster
  264. Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines
  265. Works of Antoni Gaudí
  266. Würzburg Residence
  267. Xochicalco
  268. Yellowstone
  269. Yosemite National Park
  270. Zollverein
  1. Bauhaus Sites
  2. Bauhaus Sites
  3. Primeval Beech Forests
  4. Muskauer Park
  5. Bursa and Cumalikizik
  6. Stevns Klint
  7. Riga
  8. Par force hunting landscape
  9. Christiansfeld
  10. Pampulha
  11. Fortifications of Vauban
  12. Brasilia
  13. Monticello
  14. Rio de Janeiro
  15. Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin
  16. Mining Sites of Wallonia
  17. Gammelstad
  18. Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape
  19. Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland
  20. Luis Barragán House and Studio
  21. Xochicalco
  22. Guanajuato
  23. Puebla
  24. Popocatepetl monasteries
  25. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
  26. Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque
  27. San Miguel de Allende
  28. Camino Real
  29. Morelia
  30. Teotihuacan
  31. Central University City Campus of the UNAM
  32. Querétaro
  33. Mexico City and Xochimilco
  34. Churches of Peace
  35. Centennial Hall
  36. Birka and Hovgarden
  37. Prehistoric Pile Dwellings
  38. Prehistoric Pile Dwellings
  39. Engelsberg Ironworks
  40. Laponian Area
  41. Struve Geodetic Arc
  42. Falun Great Copper Mountain
  43. University of Coimbra
  44. Independence Hall
  45. Piazza del Duomo (Pisa)
  46. Meknes
  47. Medina of Fez
  48. Volubilis
  49. Prehistoric Pile Dwellings
  50. Rabat
  51. Regensburg
  52. Salzburg
  53. Pilgrimage Church of Wies
  54. Hallstatt-Dachstein
  55. New Lanark
  56. Town Hall and Roland, Bremen
  57. Fagus Factory
  58. Corvey
  59. Rammelsberg and Goslar
  60. Stralsund and Wismar
  61. Quedlinburg
  62. Segovia
  63. Alcala de Henares
  64. Avila
  65. El Escurial
  66. Aranjuez
  67. Rideau Canal
  68. Yellowstone
  69. Chaco Culture
  70. Taos Pueblo
  71. Mesa Verde
  72. Aquileia
  73. Skocjan Caves
  74. Longobards in Italy
  75. Euphrasian Basilica in Porec
  76. Heritage of Mercury
  77. Mudejar Architecture of Aragon
  78. Graz
  79. Toledo
  80. Wachau Cultural Landscape
  81. Tallinn
  82. Kronborg Castle
  83. Semmering Railway
  84. Roskilde Cathedral
  85. Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape
  86. Gyeongju
  87. Grand Canal
  88. Summer Palace
  89. Haeinsa Temple
  90. Peking Man Site
  91. Malbork Castle
  92. Hwaseong Fortress
  93. Jongmyo Shrine
  94. Great Wall
  95. Royal Joseon Tombs
  96. Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa Dolmen
  97. Imperial Tombs
  98. Changdeokgung Palace Complex
  99. Hahoe and Yangdong
  100. Imperial Palace
  101. Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple
  102. Temple of Heaven
  103. Grimeton Radio Station
  104. Rock Carvings in Tanum
  105. Edinburgh
  106. Gwynedd Castles
  107. Stone Circles of Senegambia
  108. Frontiers of the Roman Empire
  109. The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier
  110. Mantua and Sabbioneta
  111. Saint-Emilion
  112. Fontainebleau
  113. Bordeaux
  114. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
  115. Verona
  116. Tower of Hercules
  117. Route of Santiago de Compostela
  118. Altamira Cave
  119. Asturian Monuments
  120. Santiago de Compostela
  121. Dong Phayayen
  122. Preah Vihear Temple
  123. Angkor
  124. Sukhothai
  125. Ajanta Caves
  126. Elephanta Caves
  127. Ayutthaya
  128. Wadden Sea
  129. Fagus Factory
  130. Hildesheim Cathedral and Church
  131. Ellora Caves
  132. Botanical Garden, Padua
  133. Vicenza
  134. Venice and its Lagoon
  135. Roman Walls of Lugo
  136. Amsterdam Canal Ring
  137. Studley Royal Park
  138. Kiev
  139. Nesvizh
  140. Mir Castle
  141. Warsaw
  142. Struve Geodetic Arc
  143. Vilnius
  144. Kernavë Archeological Site
  145. Fortifications of Vauban
  146. Amiens Cathedral
  147. Kunta Kinteh Island
  148. Kunta Kinteh Island
  149. Stone Circles of Senegambia
  150. Zollverein
  151. Jelling
  152. Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal
  153. Statue of Liberty
  154. Durham Castle and Cathedral
  155. Speyer Cathedral
  156. Cordoba
  157. Donana National Park
  158. Seville
  159. Stoclet House
  160. Berlin Modernism Housing Estates
  161. Surtsey
  162. La Lonja de la Seda
  163. Skogskyrkogarden
  164. Drottningholm
  165. Bauhaus Sites
  166. Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz
  167. Luther Memorials
  168. Museumsinsel (Museum Island)
  169. Thingvellir
  170. Saltaire
  171. Sydney Opera House
  172. Town Hall and Roland, Bremen
  173. Valletta
  174. Syracuse
  175. Megalithic Temples of Malta
  176. Val di Noto
  177. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
  178. Giant's Causeway
  179. Bamberg
  180. Messel Pit
  181. Upper Middle Rhine Valley
  182. Würzburg Residence
  183. Strasbourg
  184. Lübeck
  185. Medina of Essaouira
  186. Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou
  187. Medina of Marrakesh
  188. Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France
  189. Avignon
  190. Orange
  191. Lyon
  192. Pont du Gard
  193. Arles
  194. Rietveld Schröderhuis
  195. Beemster Polder
  196. Schokland
  197. Kinderdijk
  198. Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal
  199. Defence Line of Amsterdam
  200. Dorset and East Devon Coast
  201. Derwent Valley Mills
  202. Sceilg Mhichíl
  203. Mont-Saint-Michel
  204. Versailles
  205. Chartres Cathedral
  206. Paris, Banks of the Seine
  207. Yosemite National Park
  208. Vatican City
  209. Rome
  210. Florence
  211. Modena
  212. Santa Maria delle Grazie
  213. Plantin-Moretus Museum
  214. Neolithic Flint Mines at Spiennes
  215. Aachen Cathedral
  216. The Four Lifts
  217. Castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust
  218. Cologne Cathedral
  219. Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai
  220. Dresden Elbe Valley
  221. Litomysl Castle
  222. Trebic
  223. Telc
  224. Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk
  225. Holy Trinity Column
  226. Grand Canyon
  227. Le Havre
  228. Ironbridge Gorge
  229. Liverpool
  230. Greater Blue Mountains
  231. Rock-Art of the Mediterranean Basin
  232. Cahokia Mounds
  233. Westminster
  234. Potsdam
  235. Maritime Greenwich
  236. Tower of London
  237. Canterbury
  238. Schönbrunn
  239. Brú na Bóinne
  240. Stonehenge
  241. Budapest
  242. Tugendhat Villa
  243. Belem
  244. Sintra
  245. Oporto
  246. Brugge
  247. Belfries
  248. Grand Place, Brussels
  249. Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines
  250. Cracow
  251. Auschwitz Birkenau
  252. Blenheim Palace
  253. Kew Gardens
  254. Blaenavon Industrial Landscape
  255. City of Bath
  256. Trier
  257. City of Luxembourg
  258. Kutna Hora
  259. Holasovice
  260. Prague
  261. Cesky Krumlov
  262. Gardens and Castle at Kromeríz
  263. Major Town Houses
  264. Works of Antoni Gaudí
  265. Palau de la Musica Catalana & Hospital de Sant Pau
  266. Flemish Béguinages
  267. Dougga/Thugga
  268. Kerkuane
  269. Amphitheater of El Jem
  270. Kairouan
  271. Medina of Sousse
  272. Medina of Tunis
  273. Site of Carthage
  274. Vienna
  1. Aire du Dragonnier Ajgal
  2. Amalienborg and its district
  3. Astronomical Observatories of Ukraine
  4. Brazilian Fortresses Ensemble
  5. Caves of the Buda Thermal Karst System
  6. Chapultepec Woods, Hill and Castle
  7. Cittadella (Victoria - Gozo)
  8. Citté-fortezza di Palmanova
  9. Civil Rights Movement Sites
  10. Coastal Cliffs
  11. Darwin's Landscape Laboratory
  12. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo's Home-Study Museum
  13. Dreams in Stone - the palaces of King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee
  14. Early Medieval Monastic Sites
  15. Eglise et Monastère de Sao Bento, Rio de Janeiro
  16. England's Lake District
  17. Ensemble de Banteay Chmar
  18. Extension du bien inscrit sur la liste du patrimoine mondial : Forêts primaires de hêtres des Carpates (Slovaquie, Ukraine) et anciennes forêts de hêtres d’Allemagne (Allemagne)
  19. Extension of the World Heritage Site "Historic Centre of Prague" with the important Monuments in its Vicinity
  20. Francke Foundation Buildings
  21. Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings
  22. Frontiers of the Roman Empire
  23. Frontiers of the Roman Empire
  24. Frontiers of the Roman Empire : Ripa Pannonica in Hungary
  25. Gdansk - Town of Memory and Freedom
  26. Great Spas of Europe
  27. Great Spas of Europe
  28. Groupe de Sambor Prei Kuk
  29. Haci Bayram Mosque and its Surrounding Area (the Haci Bayram District)
  30. Jodrell Bank Observatory
  31. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta
  32. Kyiv: Saint Sophia Cathedral with Related Monastic Buildings, St. Cyril's and St. Andrew's Churches, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra
  33. L'oeuvre architecturale d'Henry van de Velde
  34. Le champ de bataille de Waterloo, la fin de l’épopée napoléonienne
  35. Le massif forestier de Fontainebleau
  36. Le noyau historique médiéval ou la "Cuve" de Gand
  37. Le Palais de Justice de Bruxelles
  38. Les citadelles mosanes
  39. Les Mausolées Royaux de Numidie, de la Maurétanie et les monuments funéraires pré-islamiques
  40. Les passages de Bruxelles / Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert
  41. Les villes antiques de la Narbonnaise et leur territoire: Nimes, Arles, Glanum, aqueducs, via Domitia
  42. Leuven/Louvain, batiments universitaires, l'héritage de six siècles au sein du centre historique
  43. Luther memorials in Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Bavaria and Thuringia
  44. Maltese Catacomb Complexes
  45. Mdina (Citta Vecchia)
  46. Médina de Sfax
  47. Mining Cultural Landscape Erzgebirge/Krušnohoøí
  48. Moulay Idriss Zerhoun
  49. Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie
  50. Nîmes, l'Antiquité au présent
  51. Noyau historique d'Antwerpen -Anvers- de l'Escaut aux anciens remparts de vers 1250
  52. Old Synagogue and Mikveh in Erfurt - Testimonies of everyday life, religion and town history between change and continuity
  53. Padova Urbs Picta. Giotto, the Scrovegni Chapel and the 14th century painting cycles
  54. Palais de la Culture, ancien siège du Ministere de l'Education et de la Santé, Rio de Janeiro
  55. Paysage culturel minier des Monts Métallifères (Erzgebirge)
  56. Pombaline "Baixa" or Downtown of Lisbon
  57. Seoul City Wall
  58. Site des Kulen
  59. Site of the Retiro and the Prado in Madrid
  60. Sites funéraires et mémoriels de la Première Guerre mondiale (Front Ouest)
  61. Sites funéraires et mémoriels de la Première Guerre mondiale (Front Ouest)
  62. The Historic City of Dublin
  63. The Monastic City of Clonmacnoise and its Cultural Landscape
  64. The Rise of Systematic Biology
  65. The Royal Sites of Ireland: Cashel, Dún Ailinne, Hill of Uisneach, Rathcroghan Complex, and Tara Complex
  66. The timeless, humanistic architecture of Jože Plecnik in Ljubljana and Prague
  67. The Trelleborg fortresses
  68. The Twin Monastery of Wearmouth Jarrow
  69. The Venetian Works of defence between 15th and 17th centuries
  70. The Victorian & Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai
  71. The West Bohemian Spa Triangle
  72. Thingvellir National Park
  73. Thomas Jefferson Buildings
  74. Trakai Historical National Park
  75. Valongo Wharf Archaeological Site
  76. Victoria Lines Fortifications
  77. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / Jelling mounds, runic stones, palisade area and church
  78. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / The Trelleborg fortresses, Denmark
  79. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / Thingvellir National Park
  80. Western Stone Forts
  1. Aachen Cathedral
  2. Acropolis
  3. Agra Fort
  4. Agrigento
  5. Ajanta Caves
  6. Aksum
  7. Aldabra Atoll
  8. Aleppo
  9. Altamira Cave
  10. Alto Douro
  11. Amiens Cathedral
  12. Amsterdam Canal Ring
  13. Ancient Kyoto
  14. Ancient Merv
  15. Ancient Nara
  16. Ancient Thebes
  17. Angkor
  18. Arequipa
  19. Asante Traditional Buildings
  20. Assisi
  21. Auschwitz Birkenau
  22. Bauhaus Sites
  23. Bethlehem
  24. Borobudur
  25. Brasilia
  26. Brú na Bóinne
  27. Brugge
  28. Budapest
  29. Bukhara
  30. Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
  31. Cape Floral Region
  32. Cartagena
  33. Çatalhöyük
  34. Central Amazon Conservation Complex
  35. Chaco Culture
  36. Chan Chan
  37. Chichen-Itza
  38. Chola Temples
  39. Churches of Moldavia
  40. Cliff of Bandiagara
  41. Crac des Chevaliers
  42. Cueva de las Manos
  43. Cuzco
  44. Damascus
  45. Dazu Rock Carvings
  46. Decorated cave of Pont d'Arc
  47. Djenné
  48. Durham Castle and Cathedral
  49. Echmiatsin and Zvartnots
  50. Edinburgh
  51. Ellora Caves
  52. Etruscan Necropolises
  53. Fatehpur Sikri
  54. Florence
  55. Forts and Castles Gold Coast
  56. Frontiers of the Roman Empire
  57. Fujisan
  58. Galapagos Islands
  59. Genbaku Dome
  60. Göreme NP
  61. Gough and Inaccessible Islands
  62. Granada
  63. Grand Canal
  64. Grand Canyon
  65. Grand-Bassam
  66. Great Barrier Reef
  67. Great Wall
  68. Great Zimbabwe Ruins
  69. Grimeton Radio Station
  70. Guanajuato
  71. Gulf of California
  72. Gwynedd Castles
  73. Ha Long Bay
  74. Hallstatt-Dachstein
  75. Hatra
  76. Hawaii Volcanoes
  77. Himeji-jo
  78. Historic Cairo
  79. Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works
  80. Iguacu
  81. Ilulissat Icefjord
  82. Imperial Palace
  83. Ironbridge Gorge
  84. Istanbul
  85. Jantar Mantar
  86. Kairouan
  87. Kakadu National Park
  88. Kathmandu Valley
  89. Kew Gardens
  90. Khajuraho Group of Monuments
  91. Kiev
  92. Kilimanjaro National Park
  93. Kinabalu Park
  94. Kizhi Pogost
  95. Komodo National Park
  96. Koutammakou
  97. Kremlin and Red Square
  98. Lake Baikal
  99. Lakes of Ounianga
  100. Lalibela
  101. Leptis Magna
  102. Lower Valley of the Awash
  103. Luang Prabang
  104. Lübeck
  105. Machu Picchu
  106. Mammoth Cave
  107. Maritime Greenwich
  108. Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor
  109. Medina of Fez
  110. Meidan Emam, Esfahan
  111. Melaka and George Town
  112. Meroe
  113. Mexico City and Xochimilco
  114. Minaret of Jam
  115. Mogao Caves
  116. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
  117. Mount Athos
  118. Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha
  119. Namib Sand Sea
  120. Nasca Lines
  121. National History Park
  122. Ngorongoro
  123. Nubian Monuments
  124. Okavango Delta
  125. Old City of Jerusalem
  126. Olympia
  127. Ouro Preto
  128. Palmyra
  129. Paris, Banks of the Seine
  130. Persepolis
  131. Persian Garden
  132. Petra
  133. Piazza del Duomo (Pisa)
  134. Ping Yao
  135. Plantin-Moretus Museum
  136. Pompei
  137. Pont du Gard
  138. Potala Palace
  139. Potosi
  140. Prague
  141. Puebla
  142. Pyramids (Memphis)
  143. Québec
  144. Qutb Minar
  145. Rainforests of the Atsinanana
  146. Rapa Nui
  147. Ravenna
  148. Redwood
  149. Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras
  150. Rio de Janeiro
  151. Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka
  152. Rome
  153. Route of Santiago de Compostela
  154. Royal Palaces of Abomey
  155. Sagarmatha National Park
  156. Samarkand
  157. Samarra
  158. Sana'a
  159. Santa Maria delle Grazie
  160. Sceilg Mhichíl
  161. Segovia
  162. Selimiye Mosque
  163. Serengeti
  164. Seville
  165. Shibam
  166. Silk Roads
  167. South China Karst
  168. St. Petersburg
  169. Statue of Liberty
  170. Stone Town of Zanzibar
  171. Stonehenge
  172. Sukhothai
  173. Sydney Opera House
  174. Taj Mahal
  175. Tallinn
  176. Taxila
  177. Tchogha Zanbil
  178. Teide National Park
  179. Temple of Heaven
  180. The Sundarbans
  181. Thingvellir
  182. Tombs of Buganda Kings
  183. Tropical Rainforest Sumatra
  184. Tsingy de Bemaraha
  185. Tsodilo
  186. Tugendhat Villa
  187. Uluru
  188. Vatican City
  189. Venice and its Lagoon
  190. Versailles
  191. Vienna
  192. Villa Romana del Casale
  193. Virunga National Park
  194. Volcanoes of Kamchatka
  195. Wadi Rum
  196. West Norwegian Fjords
  197. Westminster
  198. Works of Antoni Gaudí
  199. Yellowstone
  200. Yosemite National Park

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