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  • Archaeologists find bizarre burials in Burnt City (23 Jul)
  • Canada balks at returning statue believed stolen from Khajuraho (23 Jul)
  • Tourists shying away from Taxila due to security concerns (22 Jul)
  • Bahrain to spend $48m revamping Muharraq area (21 Jul)
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    Pyrenees (July 2014)

    There's a cluster of 3 WHS in the Andorran / Spanish Pyrenees that warrants a short trip. I toured the area by rental car for 5 days. The Ordesa National Park is the scenic higlight of this region, with a landscape that often is more similar to a US National Park then a site in Europe.

    . Vall de Boi
    . Pyrénées - Mont Perdu
    . Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley

    New WHS 2014 (June 2014)

    This year's new batch left me with only 4 previously visited sites among the 26 new entries. The Silk Road and Qhapaq Nan will be on the list of many, the Van Nellefabriek and Erbil Citadel are much harder to visit. Although a lot of negatives can be said about the current state of Erbil Citadel, I am pleased that my visit to Iraqi Kurdistan and the investment of a considerable sum of money for a 10-day trip has paid off!

    . Erbil Citadel
    . Van Nellefabriek
    . Qhapaq Ñan
    . Silk Roads

    Bavaria (June 2014)

    The long holiday weekend of Pentecost I spent in the German state of Bavaria. Actually, I spent most of these 3 days in my car driving almost 1900kms around Germany. My trip included the 2 Bavarian WHS in Wies & Bayreuth that I had not seen before, and the city center of Munich where I focused on the art of the Alte Pinakothek. This all in hot temperatures which had the advantage of relatively few other visitors at these sites.

    . Pilgrimage Church of Wies
    . Margravial Opera House

    Your WHS reviews

    Lake Malawi
    'Beautiful. Definitely recommend going with some guidance from a local. Have to be careful where you swim due to parasites.'
    Posted by Deborah, 22-07-2014
     Struve Geodetic Arc
    'Four years since my last visit. Three weeks of internet research. A three hour flight.'
    Posted by Ian Cade, 22-07-2014
    City of Granada and its natural environment (T)
    'The colonial architecture is a sight to behold. Baroque with Moorish influences and grand embellishments is a prominent style that can be seen in no other Central American country.'
    Posted by SooSooSees, 21-07-2014
     Neolithic Orkney
    'For over 25 years I have been traveling to World Heritage Sites around the world.'
    Posted by Christer Sundberg, 17-07-2014
    'I went in 2011/12 during mid-winter. It was cold, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Inn was closed, due to a lack of heating, but it was beautiful to play in the deep snow banks.'
    Posted by Mai Lea, 16-07-2014
    'A visit to the site of Troy was a highlight of our trip to Turkey. The local guide was quite knowledgeable and the site is well marked for understanding the various levels of the nine "Troys" including the siege of Troy 6 or 7 which inspired the foremost classic of western literature.'
    Posted by James Lawton, 15-07-2014