Kuldīga (Goldingen)


Kuldīga (Goldingen) is part of the Tentative list of Latvia in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The historic centre of Kuldiga dates from the 17th and 18th century, when it was the capital of the Duchy of Courland (under the name of Goldingen). Kuldiga was also a member of the Hanseatic League. Its traditonial architecture (partly wooden and timberframed) has been well-preserved.

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Jakob Frenzel

Germany - 12-Nov-19 -

Kuldīga (Goldingen) (T) by Jakob Frenzel

August 2017 After the first night in Liepaja we continued to our first big aim Riga. That day we drove to Jurmala and made a longer lunchbreak in Kuldîga. It is a very romantic town with lots of timber houses, the waterfall adds to the charismatic appearance of the village. From our perspective definitly worth inscription. We walked around a bit, had lunch and continued to Jurmala.

Linda Zubrilena

Latvia - 15-Mar-15 -

It is amazing historic town with it's own character, and the waterfall Ventas Rumba just emphasizes it more. Ventas Rumba is the widest waterfall in Europe, as well the old brick bridge adds its value to city. I grew up there and that would be great if the place would be recognized for its universal value.

Full Name
Kuldīga (Goldingen)
Nominated for
Urban landscape - Post-medieval European
2020 Revision

Successor to "Kuldîga Old Town in the Primeval Valley of the River Venta" (2011)

2020 Added to Tentative List

2011 Revision

Successor of former TWHS Kuldiga Old City in the Primeval Hollow of the River (2005)

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Kuldīga (Goldingen) (T)
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