Sawahlunto Old Coal Mining Town

Sawahlunto Old Coal Mining Town is part of the Tentative list of Indonesia in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Elisabeth Fransisca Situmorang

Indonesia - 24-Oct-17 -

The City of Sawah Lunto, around 3-4 hrs from Padang, the capital of West Sumatra, is actually quite a small town. It is an easy day trip starting from Bukittinggi and ending it in Padang (with a close detour to another TWHS, Nagari Sijunjung).

Visited the Goedang Ransum (mass kitchen for the labourer) Museum and one of the Coal Mine. It's really worth to see how the city was alive because of the coal mining exploitation from the Dutch period, how a big deal it was during that time. I must say it is cool experience.

Highly recommended.

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Sawahlunto Old Coal Mining Town
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