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Ponta de Ouro Protected Marine Area

Ponta de Ouro Protected Marine Area is part of the Tentative list of Mozambique in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Community Reviews

Angie Gullan, Mozambique 23-Nov-11

I am overjoyed to say that today was a victory for the resident/semi dolphins and migratory whales within the Ponta do Ouro Marine Protected Area. The management plan has been approved and presented which means that the dolphin and whales have more protection within the waters. Well done to all involved in making it a better place for these intelligent beings that live in the ocean! Now we are looking forward to the area gaining World Heritage Site Status!

For the Love of Dolphins!

Angie Gullan, Mozambique 22-Jun-11

A partial marine protected area was declared in July 2009.

It is now June 2011 and we are STILL waiting for the management plan to be gazetted. During this time, the area is seeing the unsustainable growth of coastal tourism and there is fear of a Port Development within the reserve!

World Heritage Site Status would put a stop to the Port!

Would it not?

Alexis Kriel, South Africa 28-Jan-10

Ponta D'Ouro in Mozambique is exquisite. I love going there, but during peak holiday season the natural peace is destroyed by quad bikers and jet ski's. The jet ski's especially should be banned. They are noisy and have no consideration for swimmers in the bay. I would imagine that they also would chase away dolphins and whale sharks. For me, it brings down the quality of the esperience of visiting there. I hope there is some intervention. Already, high-end tourism - which pays more and understands the value of pristine nature has moved elsewhere.

Angie Gullan, Mozambique 21-Jun-09

As a permanent resident in Ponta do Ouro, I can vouch for its beauty and splendor...Most of all it has a resident population of some 250 inshore bottlenose dolphins, is breeding grounds for both loggerhead and leatherback turtles, is situated on the humpback whale migration route AND sees many whale-sharks! These species would benefit hugely from the MPA. It has been a long time dream of mine (since 96) to see this area protected. It is sad to see the huge, unsustainable growth in development now taking place. If we dont get the MPA soon this will forever be lost.

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