The West Bohemian Spa Triangle

The West Bohemian Spa Triangle is part of the Tentative list of Czechia in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Germany - 20-May-12 -

The Spa Triangle involves three towns from which I only visited Frantiskovy Lazne also known under the German name of Franzensbad. It is a small town centred around its spa facilities which represent a coherent representative ensemble of the fin-de-siecle spa glory. It is the smallest and best kept of the three towns of the Triangle. Frantiskovy Lazne is a suburb of the town Cheb (Eger in German) which deserves a visit in its own right.

On its evaluation of Luhacovice Icomos recommended the Czech Rep. a wider approach to the Spa towns phenomenon. As it now stands there is such an initiative going led by Baden Baden under the name of "Spa Towns of the 19th Century". It includes the Spa Triangle (but not Luhacovice!), Baden Baden, Spa, Vichy, Bath and Montecatini and looks as an interesting valuable proposal with good prospects of nomination. The only critique I have is that the Czech triangle would probably have (more) problems getting in without combining forces with some West European countries which can finance the nomination whereas was it the other way around, if the spa triangle were located in Germany, France, Italy or UK, I'm pretty sure it would get in without the need of a transnational nomination. This is the way politics still influences the world heritage process which is a shame.

Full Name
The West Bohemian Spa Triangle
2008 Added to Tentative List

The site has 3 locations

The West Bohemian Spa Triangle: Karlovy Vary (T)
The West Bohemian Spa Triangle: Františkovy Lázně (T)
The West Bohemian Spa Triangle: Mariánské Lázně (T)
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