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Caspar Dechmann

Switzerland - 07-Aug-18 -

Stourhead (T) by Caspar Dechmann

This is probably one of the most iconic gardens in England if not in the World. Like all great gardens it is staged with so much work and artistry that you are happy to believe that this is a perfect landscape that even includes naturally the Pantheon. I was equally with the many various huge and very old trees. It is a pleasure to walk around the big lake and it is staged in a way that you have to walk counterclockwise! The attached house is great, has a remarkable picture gallery and beautiful Georgian library but is less unique then the garden. 

The most comparable gardens on the list seem Blenheim and Studley Royal Park which I haven't seen yet. Kew is a very different kind of garden and therefore no direct competition. I can hardly imagine though that they will surpass Stourhead as a garden. Maybe when Stourhead was considered in 1995 it was just to late and english Gardens were already well represented. 

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